Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Albanians/Robert Austin

A first-rate overview of Albanian history is Anton Logoreci’s The Albanians: Europe’s Forgotten Survivors (London, 1977). On specific issues of that history, the following should be consulted: Stavro Skendi, The Albanian National Awakening, 1878–1912 (Princeton, N.J., 1967); Stavro Skendi, ed., Albania (New York, 1956); Nicholas Pano, The People’s Republic of Albania (Baltimore, Md., 1968); Peter Prifti, Socialist Albania Since 1944 (Cambridge, Mass., 1978); and Elez Biberaj, Albania: A Socialist Maverick (Boulder, Colo., 1990). With regard to the Albanian mentality, see Faik Konitza, Albania: The Rock Garden of Southeastern Europe and Other Essays (Boston, Mass., 1957); M. Edith Durham, High Albania (London, 1909); and Alexander Lopasic, “Cultural Values of the Albanians in the Diaspora,” in Tom Winnifrith, ed., Perspectives on Albania (London, 1992). For more details on Albanian customs and traditions, see Leonard Fox, trans., The Code of Lekë Dukagjini (New York, 1989). On the years of transition following the collapse of communism and the resultant refugee crises, see Robert Austin, “What Albania Adds to the Balkan Stew,” Orbis, spring 1993, 259–79.

The Albanian experience in Canada is virtually unchronicled. The only source of any use is Henry Westen’s The Albanians in Canada, a privately published pamphlet (date unknown).