Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Australians/Ann Capling

Many general works on Australia and its peoples have appeared recently in connection with the country’s 1988 bicentenary celebrations. These include James Jupp, ed., The Australian People: An Encyclopedia of the Nation, Its People, and Their Origins (North Ryde, Australia, 1988); Alan D. Gilbert, K.S. Inglis, Frank Crowley, and Peter Spearritt, eds., Australians: A Historical Library, 11 vols. (Broadway, Australia, 1987); and Verity Burgmann and Jenny Lee, eds., A Peoples’ History of Australia since 1783, 3 vols. (Fitzroy, Australia, 1988).

Little has been published on the history of Australians as a group in Canada. A number of studies of a comparative nature are useful for an understanding of the history of immigration in Canada or Australia, including Freda Hawkins, Critical Years in Immigration: Canada and Australia Compared (Montreal, 1989) and idem., Canada and Immigration: Public Policy and Public Concern (Montreal, 1989). Census data for the number of Australians in Canada and similar information can be found in Roderic Beaujot, Population Change in Canada: The Challenges of Policy Adaptation (Toronto, 1991), and Economic Council of Canada, New Faces in the Crowd: Economic and Social Aspects of Immigration (Ottawa, 1991).

Apart from census data available from Statistics Canada, primary information on Australians in Canada can be found in various collections in the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa, including RG 76 as well as the James S. Duncan Papers (MG 30, A99) and the Burton Taylor Richardson Papers (MG 30 D 289). The National Library of Canada in Ottawa houses virtually complete runs of the newsletters ANZA News and TRANZACTION.