Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Belarusans/Madeline Ziniak

The Belarusan homeland and its history are well described in Nicholas P. Vakar’s Belorussia: The Making of a Nation (Cambridge, Mass., 1956); John Stanley, “The Birth of a Nation: The January Insurrection and the Belorussian National Movement,” in Béla K. Király, ed., The Crucial Decade: East Central European Society and National Defense, 1859–70 (Boulder, Colo., 1984); and Jan Zaprudnik, “Belorussia and the Belorussians,” Handbook of Major Soviet Nationalities (New York, 1975), and his Belarus at a Crossroads in History (Boulder, Colo., 1993).

There is limited material available on the Belarusan experience in Canada. A useful introduction is John Sadouski, A History of Belorussians in Canada (Belleville, Ont., 1981). Raisa Zhuk-Hryshkevich, Zhyt Vintsenta Zhuk-Hryshkevicha (The Life of Vincent Zuk-Hryskievic) (Toronto, 1993), is useful for information about Belarusan community life in the Canadian context. These works can be supplemented with V. Kaye, “Canadians of Belorussian Origin,” Revue de l’Université d’Ottawa, vol. 30, (1960), and V. Zuk-Hryskievic, “Belorussians and Canadian Statistics,” Slavs in Canada ([Toronto], 1968).

The newspaper Bielaruski Holas/Byelorussian Voice (Toronto, 1952–92) is a useful primary source. Although published in the United States, Bielarus (New York, 1957– ) systematically documents Belarusan life in Canada. A number of original documents housed in the manuscript division of the National Archives, Ottawa, are also valuable.