Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Egyptians/Fouad Assaad

There is a truly enormous body of publications dealing with the history of Egypt, in particular with ancient and classical Egypt. A good short history that begins with the Arab conquest of Egypt in the seventh century and ends in contemporary times is Afaf Lutfi al-Sayyid-Marsot, A Short History of Egypt (Cambridge, U.K., 1985), while P.J. Vatikiotis, The History of Egypt: From Muhammad Ali to Mubarak, 4th ed. (London, 1991), covers the period from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present. A sense of life in contemporary Egypt can be gained from Hamid Ammar, Growing Up in an Egyptian Village: Silwa, Province of Aswan (New York, 1966).

The available research concerning Egyptian immigrants in North America is limited, although Egyptians have been mentioned in studies and other publications about the Arab communities in Canada and United States. See, for example, Baha Abu-Laban, “The Arab Canadian Community,” in Elaine C. Hagopian and Ann Padon, eds., The Arab Americans: Studies in Assimilation (1969). The first book to concentrate on Egyptians in Canada was Mohammed Awad, Egyptian with a Million Dollars (Cairo), which was based on interviews with Egyptian immigrants.

The present entry owes much of its information to Nadia Wassef, “The Egyptians in Montreal: A New Colour in the Canadian Ethnic Mosaic” (University of Montreal, 1978), which studied immigration from Egypt to Canada in the late twentieth century and focused on Montreal’s Egyptians, outlining their background and institutional life. Migration is also discussed by Fouad Assaad, “Egyptian Immigration to Canada,” ARC Journal, vol.2, no.8 (1975). Nazih Ayubi, “The Egyptian Brain Drain: A Multidimensional Problem,” International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, vol.15 (1983), deals with Egyptian migration from the Egyptian point of view.

Louise Colin studies the acculturation and the ethnic identity of an Egyptian group in Montreal in her study Acculturation et identité ethnique d’un groupe d’égyptiens à Montréal (Montreal, 1981), and Nabil Mikhail, “The Egyptian in Montreal,” La Verité, vol.1, no.1–2 (1983), is a more general view of that city’s Egyptian Canadians. Fouad Assaad analyses the behaviour and political acculturation of Egyptian immigrants in The Egyptian Personality and Its Political Behavioral Characteristics: An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of the Structure of the Belief System on the Behavior and Political Acculturation of Egyptian immigrants in Quebec, Canada (Cairo, 1989). Lidia Ribeiro et al., Profils des communautés culturelles de Quebec: communautés culterelles et immigration, 2 vols. (Quebec, 1991), includes an entry on Quebec’s Egyptian community, with information on their origins, population characteristics, and religious, social, and institutional life.