Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Maharashtrians/N.k. Wagle

An in-depth analysis of religion and society in Maharashtra, together with the urban and rural composition of this Indian state, is provided in Milton Israel and N.K. Wagle, eds., Religion and Society in Maharashtra (Toronto, 1987), and D.W. Attwood, M. Israel, and N.K. Wagle, eds., City, Countryside, and Society in Maharashtra, (Toronto, 1988). Maharashtrian class structure, religion, and regional uniqueness are discussed in N.K. Wagle, ed., Images of Maharashtra: A Regional Profile of India (London, 1980). The most recent study on Maharashtrians in Canada is N.K. Wagle, “On Being Maharashtrian in Toronto,” Polyphony: The Bulletin of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, vol.12 (1990), 22–29.