Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Malaysians-singaporeans/Judith Nagata

Two recent publications, Gordon Means, Malaysian Politics: The Second Generation (Singapore, 1991), and R.S. Milne and Diane Mauzy, Malaysia: Tradition, Modernity and Islam (Boulder, Colo., 1986), provide comprehensive and reliable accounts of recent Malaysian political, economic, religious, and general social developments mostly since independence, with substantial references to developments in Singapore. More specialized works like James Jesudason, Ethnicity and the Economy: The State, Chinese Business and Multinationals in Malaysia, (Singapore, 1989), deal with the economic situation; Judith Nagata, Malaysian Mosaic: Perspectives from a Polyethnic Society (Vancouver, 1980) and The Reflowering of Malaysian Islam (Vancouver, 1984), cover ethnic and religious conditions in Malaysia. Comprehensive discussions of Singaporean society since its political separation in 1965 are provided by John Clammer, Singapore: Ideology, Society, Culture (Singapore, 1985), and Chew Sock Foon, Ethnicity and Nationality in Singapore (Athens, Ohio, 1987).

An article by Judith Nagata, “Local and International Networks among Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia and Canada,” in The Quality of Life in Southeast Asia: Transforming Social, Political and Natural Environments, (Montreal, 1991), 251–88, discusses the dynamics of migration, while her study “The Role of Christian Churches in the Integration of Southeast Asian Immigrants in Toronto,” Contributions to Southeast Asian Ethnography, no.6 (1987), 41–60, deals with aspects of the religious life of Malaysians-Singaporeans in Canada.