Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Palestinians/Muhammad A. Shuraydi

A contemporary survey of the history of the Middle East is Sydney N. Fisher and William Ochsenwald, The Middle East: A History, 4th ed. (New York, 1989). Frank H. Epp, Whose Land Is Palestine: The Middle East Problem in Historical Perspective (Toronto, n.d.), deals much more specifically with Palestine and Palestinians, as does the more recent volume by Deborah J. Gerner, One Land, Two People: The Conflict over Palestine (Boulder, Colo., 1991).

Not much has been published that deals specifically with Palestinians in North America. An exception is Baha Abu-Laban and Faith Zeadey, eds., Arabs in America: Myths and Realities (Wilmette, Ill., 1975). Little is available that refers specifically to Palestinians in Canada, but readers should consult Baha Abu-Laban and Baha and M. Ibrahim Alladin, eds., Beyond the Gulf War: Muslims, Arabs, and the West (Edmonton, 1991), in particular the chapter by Baha Abu-Laban and Sharon Abu-Laban McIrvin, “The Gulf War and Its Impact on Canadians of Arab and Muslim Heritage,” 120–42.

One recent volume, edited by Farid Ohan and Ibrahim Hayani, is The Arabs in Ontario: A Misunderstood Community (Toronto, 1993), which is useful for the information it contains about the regional settlement of Arabs, including Palestinians, in the province of Ontario. The Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation of Canada has published Palestine and the Palestinians: A Handbook (Toronto, 1989), which includes articles written by Palestinian Canadians among others; one of these articles is Peyton Lyon, James A. Graff, and Farid Ohan, “Canada, Israel and the Palestinians,” 90–95. The same volume includes Ghada Talhami, “The Women of Palestine,” 66–71, a topic also covered in Elise G. Young, Keepers of History: Women and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (New York, 1992).