Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/South Africans/Clifford J. Jansen

Readers interested in an overview of the nineteenth- and twentieth-century history in South Africa should consult Neil Parsons, A New History of Southern Africa, 2nd ed. (London, 1993), and Brian Lapping, Apartheid: A History , rev. ed. (New York, 1989). Paul Maylam, A History of the African People of South Africa: From the Early Iron Age to the 1970s (New York, 1986), is a useful survey of the history of Blacks in southern Africa.

South African immigrants in Canada have received little attention in scholarly or other literature. One study of interest is Sylvia Ntlanta Moeno, “The `Non-white’ South Africans in Toronto: A Study of the Effects of `Institutionalized’ Apartheid in a Multicultural Society” (Ph.D. thesis, York University, 1981). Statistical information can be derived from Statistics Canada, Ethnic Origin: The Nation (Ottawa, 1993).