Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Sinhalese And Burghers/Caryl Abrahams

A useful general history of Sri Lanka, from ancient times to the present, is K.M. De Silva, A History of Sri Lanka (Delhi, 1981), while the volume edited by Tissa Fernando and Robert Keaney, Modern Sri Lanka: A Society in Transition (Syracuse, N.Y., 1979), is extremely useful for its coverage of contemporary Sri Lankan affairs.

Relatively little has been published on Sri Lankan Sinhalese and Burghers in Canada. E.R. Appathurai, The Sri Lankans in Eastern Canada (Ottawa, 1980), provides a general overview of the early phase of the group’s settlement. A brief profile of the group in Ontario is available in Ontario Ministry of Culture and Recreation, Ontario Ethnocultural Profiles: Sri Lankans (Toronto, 1981), and aspects of Sri Lankan life are discussed in Caryl Abrahams and Lisa Stevens, “Self-Perceived Success of Adjustment by Sri Lankan Immigrants in Metropolitan Toronto,” Polyphony: The Bulletin of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, vol.12, nos.1–2 (1990), 30–33, Percy Seneviratne, “The Lanka News,” Polyphony, vol.12, nos.1–2 (1990), 42–46, discusses the establishment of a Sri Lankan newspaper in Toronto.