Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Slovenes/Cvetka KocjanČiĆ

Information about Slovenia is available in: Slovenian National Federation of Canada, This Is Slovenia (Toronto, 1958); Cankarjeva Založba, Discover Slovenia (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1992); Edward Gobetz, ed. with the assistance of Milena Gobetz and Ruth Lakner, Slovenian Heritage (Willoughby Hills, Ohio, 1980); The Case of Slovenia, Writer’s Journal Special Edition (Ljubljana, 1991); and a quarterly magazine, Slovenia, published in English by Slovenska izseljenska matica (Slovenian Emigrant Association) in Ljubljana.

Data on Slovene Canadians is available in Peter Urbanc and Eleanor Tourtel, Slovenians in Canada (Hamilton, Ont., 1984), and Rado Genorio, Slovenci v Kanadi (Slovenes in Canada; Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1989). More recent information on Slovene organizations and institutions can be found in the booklet Slovenians in Canada: Directory of Organizations and Institutions (Toronto, 1993), prepared by Cvetka Kocjančić and published by the All-Slovenian Committee. The struggle of a Slovene immigrant to adapt to life in Canada is portrayed in Cvetka Kocjančić, Unhappy Rebel: The Life and Times of Andy Stritof (Toronto, 1993).