Further Reading

From: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples/Tibetans/Brian J. Given

A useful introduction to the history of Tibet is H.E. Richardson, A Short History of Tibet (Oxford, U.K., 1962), while many Tibetans recommend Ngawan Lobsang Yishey Tenzing Gyatso, Dalai Lama, My Land and My People (New York, 1965), for an overview of Tibet. Lama Anagorika Govindsa, The Way of the White Clouds (Shambala, 1966), has useful information about the Tibetan religion. For information about the invasion of Tibet, see the Dalai Lama’s Freedom in Exile (New York, 1990), an autobiographical account of his exile; John Avedon, In Exile from the Land of Snows (New York, 1984); and Michael van Walt van Prag, The Legal Status of Tibet (Boulder, Colo., 1987).

Good discussions on Tibetan refugees are offered by Margaret Nowak in Tibetan Refugees: Youth and the New Generation of Meaning (New Brunswick, N.J., 1984) and by Barbara Nimri Azis in Tibetan Frontier Families: Reflections of Three Generations from D’ing-ri (Durham, N.C., 1978). A report prepared in 1974 by W. Smith for the Department of Manpower and Immigration, Tibetan Refugees: A Second Life in a New Land (Ottawa, 1974), documents the settlement of Tibetan refugees in Canada in 1971–72.

Two journal articles, L. Dargyay, “Tibetans in Alberta and Their Cultural Identity,” Canadian Ethnic Studies, vol.20, no.2 (1987), 114–23, and Janet McLellan, “Religion and Ethnicity: The Role of Buddhism in Maintaining Ethnic Identity Among Tibetans in Lindsay, Ontario,” Canadian Ethnic Studies, vol.19, no.1 (1987), 63–76, offer more recent discussions of the Tibetan-Canadian experience.

Relevant periodicals include the Tibetan Review (Darjeeling and New Delhi, India 1967– ), for discussions of the current situation in Tibet and for Tibetan refugees; News Tibet (New York, 1965– ), for North American Tibetan news and articles; and the Canada Tibet Newsletter (Montreal, 1987– ), for Canadian news, events, and articles.