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The MHSO and Oral History

The Multicultural History Society of Ontario (MHSO) is a not-for-profit educational institution and heritage centre established in 1976 by Professor Robert F. Harney and some of his close colleagues who wanted to increase public awareness of the multicultural nature of Ontario's history.
Logo: Multicultural History Society of Ontario

The MHSO publicizes, preserves and makes accessible material which demonstrates the role of immigration and ethnicity in shaping the cultural and economic development of Ontario and Canada. It also recognizes the importance of recording the stories and ways of 'ordinary' people and weaving them into the cultural fabric of Ontario and Canada.

The MHSO'S Oral History Collection, one of the largest in North America, contains over 9,000 hours of interview from members of 60 ethnic groups now residing in Canada.

Oral history has become the calling card of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario -- a symbol of the willingness to welcome the memories of the immigrant as valid archival material and to recognize individuals from diverse communities as makers of history.