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Please note: The Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples is no longer available on Multicultural Canada.  For information about the Encyclopedia and its availability please contact the Multicultural History Society of Ontario at or (416) 979-2973.

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Please note that we do not provide research services or assistance with specific research topics, including those of a genealogical nature. Please check our Related Sites page for links to other resources which may assist you to locate the information that you are seeking, or contact the appropriate local library or archives. For questions relating specifically to collections digitized on this site refer to the institutions listed below:

Chinese Times, Indo-Canadian Oral Histories, Doukhobor Collection, Ethnic Newspapers: Simon Fraser University Library

Chung Collection, Cheekungtong (Chinese Freemasons), Chinatown News: University of British Columbia Library

Jewish Western Bulletin: Jewish Museum & Archives of British Columbia

BC Multicultural Photographs: Vancouver Public Library

Chinese Benevolent Association: University of Victoria Library

Vietnamese Boat People, 1956 Hungarian Memorial Oral History Project, Italian Oral History, Italian Canadian Photographs, Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples: Multicultural History Society of Ontario

Ukrainian Canadians, German Canadians, Italian Canadians: University of Calgary Library

Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet Collection: Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Simon Fraser University

Doukhobor Collection of James Mavor, Ukrainian Collection of John Luczkiw, Hong Kong Handover: University of Toronto Library

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Le Chinese Times, Histoires orales indo-canadiennes, Journaux ethniques, Collection Doukhobor : Bibliothèque de l’Université Simon Fraser

Collection Chung, Cheekungtong (Francs Maçons chinois), Chinatown News: Bibliothèque de l'Université de la Colombie-Britannique

Jewish Western Bulletin: Musée et archives juifs de la Colombie-Britannique

BC Multicultural Photographs: Bibliothèque municipale de Vancouver

Chinese Benevolent Association: Bibliothèque de l’Université de Victoria

Vietnamese Boat People, 1956 Hungarian Memorial Oral History Project, Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples: Société d’histoire multiculturelle de l’Ontario

Ukrainiens Canadiens, Allemands Canadiens: Bibliothèque de l’Université de Calgary

Collection de silhouettes pour ombres chinoises Wayang Kulit: Musée d'archéologie et d'ethnologie, Université Simon Fraser

Collection Doukhobor de James Mavor, Collection ukrainienne de John Luczkiw, Transfert de souveraineté de Hong Kong: Bibliothèque de l’Université de Toronto