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1. View the following sites to learn about Scottish immigration to Canada. You can also perform your own search using a search engine.mul

Crossing borders: Scottish emigration to Canada

The Scots to Canada Web Site

Scotland's Family

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Scots in New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

A Land as Green as the Sea

Chung Collection - Scottish Canadian materials


Consider the following questions as you research:
What was life like in Scotland?
What prompted the Scots to emigrate?
What did Canada offer to entice Scots here?
What did Scotland offer to entice emigration?
What was travel like to Canada?
Where did most Scots arrive?
What evidence of Scottish influence is seen in Canada today?

You may wish to use a mind mapping program to help organize your thoughts and record your information. Remember to keep a record of reference information.

2.Explore the UBC Chung collection of Scottish settlement photos and textual artifacts found on Multicultural Canada.
Multicultural Canada Collection

Hebridean Family

Consider the following as you choose your photos:

Do you have photos depicting the following:

Life in Scotland
The voyage to Canada
Arrival in Canada
Settlement in Canada
Daily life in Canada
Scottish presence in community life
Hebridean Family






3. Using a comic strip creator build a comic using your selected photos. Add text and speech bubbles, to chronicle the journey and settlement of a Scot.

What were you thinking or feeling as you were leaving Scotland?
What conversations would you have had with your parents, friends and others prior to leaving?
What were your thoughts and conversations on your journey over?
What were your first thoughts when you arrived in Canada?
What conversations did you and your family have when you arrived in Canada? How were you feeling?
Where did you settle? Relate your feelings, thoughts and conversations as you met new friends, began school and settled into your new life in Canada.