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1. View the following sites to learn about the Jewish holidays. You can also perform your own search using a search engine.
Multicultural Canada


Jewish Federation of Ottawa


Orthodox Union



The Jewish Federations of North America


Consider the following questions as you research:

Why are the holidays celebrated?
What special customs are followed?
How does Canadian culture influence the holiday?
How are each of the holidays unique?
What makes each holiday special?
What rituals are followed for each holiday?
Why are the holidays important to Jews?
How are they alike or dislike traditionally celebrated Canadian holidays?

 Chanukah Dreidel (Public Domain)
Chanukah Dreidel (Public Domain)

Sukkot (Public Domain)

Sukkot (Public Domain)

You may wish to use a mind mapping program to help organize your thoughts and record your information. Remember to keep a record of reference information.

2.Explore the collection of digitized copies of the Jewish Western Bulletin found on Multicultural Canada to research Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkoth, Chanukah and Pesach (Passover). Use the search function to search for a particular holiday. Remember to look for examples of personal experiences being expressed in the articles.

Multicultural Canada Collection

Multicultural Canada Collection

Jewish Western Bulletin (Multicultural Canada)

Jewish Western Bulletin (Multicultural Canada)

Jewish Western Bulletin (Multicultural Canada)
3. Using a power point template or another similar program create a news spread that has a main column discussing the importance of the festivals in general and then side columns that look at each festival in more specific detail. Try to find and convey the personal side of each that can be found in many of the existing articles when writing your own articles.