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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: % 1 '.4. ' ' J i! ! m L- < - V! 4 i! 1- i ; WESTMOUNT PISMENOV STUDIO ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHY Portrait*. by ttl SL U tad Houi» Sit- PI. OM A»*. . •. 'v -> • •-/,• -• •'•'> -•'!•- •' *•' » A pertnaiMnt w*v» will k*«fr yoti kx&ftf yoar b«*t for t** or three or four perQXASvstu w»rt cork KM botfc »*W, at ${45 &• ctirl M*k« POTVIN'S KEEPER BUILDING, 764 ST. CATHERINE WEST «ppototm«nt »«w PLATEAU 2O46 CHAS. HERMAN Jeweller Cut I try Oodb 3613 St. Lawrence Boulerard / Bridal Photographs Preserve the memory of the day of days! NORTHLAND STUDIOS LIMITED, 1419 Drummond St. Up, TURKISH JEWRY AGITATED OVER MURDER CASE An unfortunate love affair, which led to the murder of an innocent Jewish girl and involved several representative Jews of Constantinople in a law suit, has been threatening to create anti-Semitic feelinjr and to bring on a complicated state of affairs which might have resulted most disastrously for the Jews of that country. The victim in this affair was a Jewish girl, Elsa Niego, about twenty years old, a typist employed by the National Insurance Company of Turkey. Miss Niego had for some time been persecuted by a certain Osman Bey, a middle-aged man, who has grown-up daughters. The girl later became engaged to a Jewish young man of her own station in life, and hoped that through that she would cease to be the object sought by Osman. The latter, however, apparently crazed by his love for the girl, found an opportunity to attack her and in his frenzy he killed her with a Icnife. All this was premeditated and well thought out and Osman Bey has been placed in custody An ? Lst •* eatsr fsr •HI tasty ALEXANDERS LIMITED 4872 Sberbrooke St. West Jeweller ties are that his defense will be insanity the riots that occurred at the time of the demonstration. It was in consequence of and he is now under medical observation, with that in view. The murder aroused the Jewish population to a pitch of great excitement. The funeral of the girl served as an. opportunity for a-demonstration when ten Jews were placed under arrest on the ground that they resisted the police and shouted: "We want justice done." One of the ten, a young Jewish soldier, who was accused of wounding a Turkish' passerby, was given a sentence of three months incarceration. The other nine Jews were later acquitted by a jury, in spite of the efforts of the prosecuting attorney to make of the affair a racial matter and of implicating not only these nine Jews, but also Jewish organizations and the Jewish community as a whole. He made much capiial out of the affair that the Turkish branch of the Bnai Brith spent a large sum of money for the on the charge of murder. The probabili- funeral expenses of the girl and incited T Mak amic Mine s INCORPORATED Northern Quebec's most promising property Of all the mining properties in the course of development in Northern Quebec, the Maka-mic Mines, Inc., property, still in its early stages of development, has shown up as one of the most satisfactory. The property is situated in Destor county, Abitibi district, twenty miles east of the Ontario-Quebec boundary line, eighteen miles south of Makamic. For Injormoiion writ* Mining Securities Corporation 203-205 St. Jams* Str*«t, Montreal, Canada i Troru}tr Prudential Trust Company I St. John Str*«t, this allegation that the police later made a raid on the offices of the Bnai Brith, but found nothing incriminating there. The Turkish press devoted mucfi space to the matter and some of the papers sought to stir up racial hatreds in connection with it. The immediate consequences p* the agitation were shown in anti-Jewish demonstrations in Smyrna, which urged the suppression by the Government, of the Jewish schools, the Jewish newspapers and the Rabbinate, and demanded the expulsion from Turkey of all Jews who had not done military service. Boytx>tt proclamations nave been posted in many places calling on Turks to break off all business relations with the Jews. An order has been issued by the authorities, demanding Jews who wish to travel into the interior of Turkey provide themselves with special permits, such as are required of Greeks and Armenians. The Turkish Ambassador at Vienna found it necessary to issue a statement, in which he denied the existence of anti-Semitism in Turkey. He hints that the reports were circulated by enemies of Turkey, perhaps by the Greeks, who endeavoured to exploit a simple police affair and make of it an interracial and international question* It is hoped that the court action, exonerating the arrested Jews, will allay the teehngs of resentment and strife that irresponsible persons were trying to fan into antagonism among the various creeds and races in Turkey. DEMAND FOR PROHIBITION OF SHECHITAH SPREADING While the Norwegian Parliament defeated the bill that was before it for some timfe to prohibit Shechitah-by a large majority, other European countries have begun an agitation for the prohibition or the Jewiih mode of slaughtering animala for food. The Austrian Society for the Prevention o{ Cruelty to Animala is endeavouring to obtain the opinions of various districts on this point and Ln one province Voralberg, ordering on Switzerland', the agitation has assumed definite form in a bill which is now under consideration. Although the number of Tews in that district is very smalF, it is from there that the Jews of Switzerland have been obtaining their kosher meat, since Shechitah has not been allowed in Switzerland for a number of years. Similarly the German Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, at its annual conference recently held in Darmstadt, adopted a resolution demanding the prohibitioa of Shechitah. The Executive Committee was instructed to take step* with & view of making-stunning compulsory throughout Germany. Protests against this resolution were voiced by Dr. Monk, oi Berlin, sad Dr. Horovkx, of Frtak- AU PAYS DB FRANCE French imper Utfot^ of tapertor and fancv of Specialixiat -la csadfe* f«t "marriages re. sad other fuaction*. Artistk Gifts. A HAPPY NEW YEAR i< Mn and Mrt. S. Manson and daughter 45 Roftemount Avenue Toronto, Qnt, Extend to all their frieads and relati their best wishes with the complime of the season. • • • -• 5688 A HAJ?*Y NEW YEAR 1' Mr. and Mrs. 8, Shapiro and tanily 68 Pin«wood Avenue Toronto, Ont. Extend to all their friends and relati their best wishes with the complime of the season. 5688 A HAPPY NEW YEAR I1 Mrs. i. Weiner 231 Ad ding ton Avenue Montreal, Que. Extend to all their friends and relati thetr best wishes with the con rlirre of the season. MAIL BOX Editor, CANADIAN JEWISH RE WUlt you kindly allow me a in which to express my grai G«orgc Yavnar, Arcfek Floris1 eeneroui donations from hir his children, towards the aged a of the Jewish Old Folks' Hon-f We all realize what an adv ia in moulding a child's chara tereet^him in doing what he c: aged and helpless, and there' gratulate Mr. Yavner aa a parent, on his wisdom in r chiloWn, Esther and Sydney of an institution beneficial to '.' infirm, »»' Sincerely yours, D. ' . :iW. few H. ,.':ude •, for ' -d in6 " •• -j TC . ,.;age er to -. for ' e I o ar-see •.-.emb . old <• H. D. Nauru berg, the War;- §ublicist, who was oame

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