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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: •»-«»< •«•• .-' - fr MAY 18, 1951 THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW ia TORONTO MEETINGS I MOTHERS' AND BABES' Rest ome Association annual tea, at the ) ome of Mr*. J. N. Greenbaum, 512; esta Drive, on Tuesday, May 22/ •om 2 to 6 p.m., convenarship of Irs. L. Kisluk, Glenayr Road, will have as hostesses: Mesdames Ira Berg, Eglinton Avenue West; Louis Berger, Glenayr Road; George H. Bernstein, Lakeshore Road; Murray Ciavir, Warwick Avenue; Arthur Cohen. Winona Drive; J. B. Cran-gle, Wembley Road; J. Davis, Kil-barry Road; M. E. Cans, Glen Cedar Road; A. Ginsberg, Riehview Avenue; S. Greenberg, Lascelles Boulevard; M. ft. Gilmore, Glenayr Road; S. A. Gold, Braemar Avenue; ' A. Goldstein, Forest Hill Road; J. N. Greenbaum, Vesta Drive} C. iM. H « r 1 i c k, Poplar Plains Crescent; Jess Kaplan, Delevan Avenue; J. Kerbel, Rosemary Lane; Lawrence Kert, Forest Hill Road; L. Kisluk, Glenayr Road; Alec Levinsky, Glen Cedar Road; Ohanlea Okun, Ava Road; Joseph Peikes, Roxton Road; J. Posluns, Forest Hilh Road; A. Pritzker, j Cortleigh Boulevard; I. Rothbart, I Eglinton Avenue West; Albert | Saunders, Richrview Avenue; E. I. Shapiro, Forest Wood; S. Shapiro, Bourton Drive; D. Sher, Braemore Gardens; A. L. Soles, Strathearn Road; Harold Sandier, Strathearn Road; Alex Samuels, Rosemary Lane; M. S. TiU, Eglinton Avenue West; Charles Wagman, Forest Hill Road; S. C. YoMes, Forest Hill Road; I. 0. Zaid, Wembley Road. Proceeds go to buy linens and supplies for the Mothers' and Babes' Camp. • PALESTINE Jewish Legionaires: Captain Shimon Ha-Cohen was honored by his formeY comrades-in-arms, who served wibh him during world war one under General Allenby, when Palestine was liberated from Turkish rule, at a luncheon at Murray House. The captain, who had remained behind after his demobilization from the British Imperial army, gave a report of all the activities that he had been involved in during the last three^decades and described the various clashes with the Arabs that cost the h'ves of many former comrades who settded in Israel. Others, present were: Aaron ArJove, Jack'. Arons, Henry Cohen, Morris Cooper, Samued Eisenbepg, William Eisenberg, Berb Fekknan, John Feldman, Samuel FeWman, Charles Fenkle, Louis iz&nbeig, Joseph Lee, Isaac Lew.s, Louis M.ntz, Charles Paskowitz, Harry Stransman, William Waterman, Lawrence Lib-gott, Gabriel Cajner. • PIONEER WOMEN installation, on Tuesday, May 22, at Borochov Centre, at 8.30 p.m., will hear Mrs. Dvorah Metlitzky, of Israel, as guest speaker. She is a student of Arab affairs, and head of the women's division of the Arab department of the Histadrut, Israel labour union. She organized the women's division with the aid of Moatzat Hapoalot, in Mai eh, 1949, after working in the Arab department for several years. Mrs. S, B. Hurwich is chairman of the meeting. Mrs. M. Kramer and Mrs. H. Steiner will install the officers. • NATIONAL COUNCIL of Jewish Women, a constituent member of the Jewish Camp Council, gave a tea at the home of Mrs. H ask ell M. Masters, 90 Old Forest Hill Road, to provide "camperships" for the camp operated by the Camp Council.- Receiving were: Mesdames Masters, immediate past president; J. Barney Goldhar, president; Harry List, chairman of the camp committee. Those who poured were: Mesdames Charles Draimin, Percy Hermant, Harry Samuel, A. I. Willinsky, Egmont Frankel, Harold Lorie, Gordon Pearcey, A. G. Volpe. Mrs. A. Rotsteun and Mrs. B. Stutz were in charge of arrangements. • HEBREW WESTON Sanatorium Junior League, at the home of Mrs. H. Rubinoff, 350 Lytton Boulevard, saw Mrs. I. Blatt install the new officers: Mesdames William Wolfish, president; S. Greenberg, t M. Resmck, F. Brass, M. Biback, C. Goldstein, M. Bader, M. Stork, E. H. Rossman, H. Rubinoff, I. Weirt-berg, I. Rotstein, R. Abroms, J. Doran, I. Edell, S. Wintrob, D. Beallor, M. Chapman. The closing meeting, with the Senior League, .will be held on Wednesday, May 30, at the Mutual Glub. WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL KINDS Of ' WALLWASHDVG \ IIGHTEEN YEARS EXPUIENCI '. Phone S. Nicholson EM. 4-2824 • GRAND ORDER of Israel Lodge Number Two meeting, with Meyer Carr presiding, heard as guest speaker, J. Sokoloff, on behalf of the United Jewish Appeal. Paul Albright introduced him. • HEBREW WOMEN'S Social Service Convalescent Home celebrated their fifteenth anniversary at Radomar Hell, with Mrs. Hi, Kamarner,,., president, as hostess; Mrs. H. BerJin and Mrs. L. Apple-! baum, gave reports on the theatre' night. Guests were, J. B. Lubotta, Mel. Orenstein, H. Goldman. For the annual tea, on Sunday, June 3, at the home of Mrs. A. Good, 565 Markham Street, from 3 to 10 p.m., conveners are: Mesdames C. Mer-nick, B. Sussman, J. TepHtsky, S. Plener. Mesdames H. Kamarner, H. Freidman^ H. Werner wiH receive. I Iron Fireman Mfg. Co. of Canada Umited SO Ward StfMt - Toronto, Ontario factory ond Sales Rooms • GENERAL WING ATE Branch 256 Ladies Auxiliary gave their first, annual tea at their new home, Wingate House, 1610 Bathurst Street, on Sunday, May 20, from 2 to 7 p.m., conyenership of Mrs. S. Sperling, LJppincott Street. Assisting were: Mesdames D. Labow, Christie Street; M. Marks, Palmer-ston Boulevard; N. Egelnick, Huron Street; M. Eisenberg, Crawford Street; H. Donne, Westminster Avenue; M. Jessed, Holland Park Avenue; J. Lee, Grace Street; B. Berkan, Montrose Avenue; T. Fuller, Roxton Road; A. Samuels, Sackvrlle Street. Co«st to cottt, ot\€ of finest London Dry Gins popular price. • LADIES Independent Society met at the home of Mrs. B. Renard, Essex Street, to celebrate her recovery from a long illness. Reports were given on the charity bridge held at the home of Mrs. S. Fair-bloom, 450 Brock Avenue. The hostess was thanked by Mrs. L. Miller. • REBEKAH LODGE Number 257 are giving a tea at the home of Mrs. P. Nusyna, 15 WinoYey Avenue, on Sunday, May 20, from 2 to 7 p.m., convenership of Mrs. S. Berg; proceeds for charity. • HEBREW FREE School Women's Auxiliary are celebrating their twenty-fifth anniversary at a closing luncheon at Murray House, on Wednesday, May 23, with Mts. P. James, president, presiding. Mrs. 0. RosenfeW and Mrs. J. Paul are the committee. • DAUGHTERS OF ISRAEL Charity Society, at the home of Mrs. Charles Weiner, 109 Ava Road, arranged for the tea to be held on Sunday, May 20, at the home of Mrs. I. Chapm'ck, 153 FOR RENT Lake Simcoe, Islaad Grove, in very pleasant Jewish eoMBtuutj, 2, 5, mad 6 roo» cotUfca. Folly famished. All buide cosire* nieaces. Safe bathtaf. Pier. Owner oa prenia«« this weekend. Phoae LL. Mil for fartier iaforwatiosi. APPROACHING MARRIAGES Mn. Ludwig Kophon, of Ntw York, prtiident of Womins' Amtricon ORT, will be guest ipeoktr at th« closing luncheon of Toronto Women's ORT, on Tuesday, May 29, at 12.30 p.m., convtnership of Mn. S. J. Lipson, Rose* mary Lane; and Mn. Benjamin Sugarman, Highbourne Rood. Mn. A. B. Bennett, Burton Road, honourary president, will introduce the guest speaker. Mrs. Lipson will preside. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan L. Rivelis, of North Bay, announce, the approaching marriage of their daughter, Rheta Afl •ohibte ooffoa *ad >dd«d pur« e*rbo*y. drmtoi (dortriM. «»Jto*» aad pco«*e»

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