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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: April 9, IM* CANADIAN JEWISH RB'VlBW HAROLD NElttttW,LLB.,B.c.i. ADVOCATE WMTMOUNT D1ONNE & DIONNE Cttam It Hfek-Ctei Ink. Grata, Mob, Fnts iri VipbUn. R CORNELUER, I.P., C.C.S. ' ENGAGEMENTS, BIRTHS AND MARRIAGES Room 205, 52 St. Ji— Slr«* Mtta SM8 COUNCIL OF JEWISH WOMEN LORENZO BEUffiER, L.A. (LlCBNTIATt W AUDITOR Tu BcfcVM MM CM! Sy^WM 133 Creic«nt St. Uptown 22t8 LAN. PHONES: KArr L.1CXNIEI C. 1. E. Charbsneau *nu*5* MnMTRFAL 83 CRAIG WEST " WUPI I ff t/M. DR. A, D. TESS1ER CITY SURGEON DOCTOR m rr. CALUMTT CURTAINS retain their original shape and size DYERS CLEANSERS UUNDERERS York 1520 95 Canning St. Something good for you to try "Santeiae" Buttenut One of our quality product* LIMITLE Belair 44*2 Uncatter 2154 Lanca*t«r 2155 eddlng Bo*?*f*t Our CATHERINE STREET W. There are about fifty prizes to be raffled for the Council of Jewish Women tombola, among them a Saguenay trip, the return trip to Quebec or Toronto, a fifty-dollar bond and others of equal value. Anyone wishing to have a book of tickets call Mrs. David Kert, 50 Arlington Avenue, Westmount 6826. Returns have been made by the Misses Auerbach, Meadames M. J. Aach, M., Aronson, R. H. Blumenthal, S. Ballon-I. Danson, P. Dobrofsky, Chas. Frieds man, Isaac Friedman, A. Fitch; Misse Reba Goltman, H, Hart, May Hyman: Mesdames L. Heillig, Harris Max Jacobs, L. Jason, B. Joseph, Gordon T. Kenny, David Levi, R. Levin, Victor Michaels, Arthur Markus, M. A. Michaels, A. Pierce, S. Ryan, M. Ryan, H. Robinson, G. Rother, 1. L. Sabbath, D. Shapiro, M. Sloves, Arthur Simon, Leo Samuels, Chicago; Harris Vineberg and J. H. Vineberg, and L, Heillig. SIGMA ALPHA MU FRATERNITY Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity held a formal house-opening Saturday evening, March 28, at their new home, 724 Sherbrooke Street West. Guests were parents and other members of the families of members. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Levin-son, Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Dobrofsky, A. M. Vineberg, Mr. and Mrs. George Rabinovitch, Mr and. Mrs. L. Abino-vitch, Mr. and Mrs. Gross, Mrs. Ross Vineberg, Mrs. Vineberg, Rabbi and Mrs. Julius Berger, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Lande, Mr. and Mrs. Solly Goldman, Mrs. Louis Freidman, Lewis K. Friedman, Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Friedman, Mr. and Mrs. Bernstein, Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Marshal; and Misses Minnie Cummings, Evelyn Vineberg, Ruth Apter, Violet Ettenberg, Bernadine Rosen, Ruth Bernstein, Bernice Freidman, Dorothy Freiman, Ethel Cohen, Becky Cohen, Dora Bacal; and Dr. Norman Vineberg, Sidney Pierce, Lionel Sperber, Harry Cohen, Armand Green-hall, Henry Echenberg, Marvin Wein-berg, Munroe Abinovitch, Ralph Cummings, Arthur Vineberg, Stanley Vineberg, Dave Weintraub, Harry Bacal, Samuel Smilovitch, William Rosen-bloom, George Resnick, Herbie Weiss, Lou Dobrofsky, Ben Rabinovitch, Louis Rosenbloom, Robert Apter, Lawrence Sesswein, Maurice Brodie, Ben Cohen, Lawrence Lande, Kelligher, Bombar, Joe Persk, Nat Rubin and Nat Krupkin. SUOYIT Tea RMB SC A A UPtown r7S4 SL C»i**rlM orttatory. BORN To Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Bercovitch, at the Montreal Maternity Hospital, April 2, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. W. Schneider (ne'e Sarah Magid) at the Montreal Maternity Hospital, March 25, a son. To Mr. and Mrs. D. Perlove, March 27, at the Ross Pavilion, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. Jack Margolese (nee Bessie Weber) at the Montreal Maternity Hospital, April 1, a daughter. To Mr. and Mrs. Michael Garber, Cote Ste. Catherine Road, a son, Monday, March 29. March 30, at the Hebrew Maternity Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Max H. Grover (nee Jennie Lauer), a son. ENGAGEMENTS Mr. and Mrs. A. Barash, formerly of Montreal, announce the engagement of their daughter, Katie, to Harry Chermack, of Windsor, Ont. Mr. and Mrs. S. Rosen announce the engagement of their youngest daughter, Rose, to Isidore Simmerman, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Simmerman. APPROACHING MARRIAGE The marriage of Miss Betty Harris, daughter of Max Harris and the late Mrs. Harris, to Joseph Simon, of Halifax, takes place May 2, Rabbi Abramowitz officiating. The marriage of Bessie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Miller, to Harry Aaron Shapiro, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Shapiro, takes place Wednesday, April 14, at Victoria Hall, Westmount, Rabbi Abramowitz officiating. OBITUARY The death occurred April 4, of Wolf Rosenberg. He leaves a son, Carl. Funeral, Tuesday, April 6, from the home, 2575 Christopher Columbus Street. April 4, William Herscovitch died, in his sixty-fifth year. Funeral from the home, 1906a St. Urbain Street, Tuesday, April 6. The recognition of the Lithuanian Republic by the United States of America was made a political i^sue by anti-Semitic leaders against the Jewish population of Lithuania. Priest Schuikschtis. leader of the Christian National Party, was sentenced to five days in jail for libeling the Jewish Deputies in the Lithuanian Sejm. George Birse g Co. WhoU*aU and R«t»il Choic* Ml^ction of Fr**h FUh at alt tiro**. FUh cl«an«d. Daily d«Ut«ri«« to all parU of th« city. SSI St. Lai Diamonds in all their splendour mounted in platinum in the form of a bar pin, make a beautiful gift. M. Cocbenthater Reg'd ESTABLISHED 78 YEARS T^V VM vflH^M HN vV ft^vW W * in CloMnt for WILLS & WILLS Limited ENGLISH TAILORS Gft tk*l E*dl*k turn in your MX* mii 394 PHILLIPS PLACB Pbooe L*»c*Mer 4464 FRANK DE LANCEY 5617 Shcrbrook* W«ct W«hM(451l For itylish and proper fitting shoes. Reasonable price* and courteous service always, Hor&ort Show for Are yon londy or done? We tare coo-nectioTM with wealthy refined Jewbfa Ladi«* aad gentlemen. Object matrimony If desired. Strictly confidential Endow •tamped •elf-addretted eardopt. 1«3 PbM Av«. EMt E^t CClSw Havs IkM ^a, 11 La. m PA s^m • •474 The Brass Art Sbop and W*r« «t •tc. 4 RACHEL ST. EAST DEATH OF MRS. AGNES S. LEWIS Dr. Ames S. Lewis, famous Semitic scholar, died in Cambridge at the age of ninety-three. Mrs. Lewis is known in the scholarly world for her discovery, with her sister. Mrs. Margaret Dunlop Gibson, of the famous Syriac palimpsest of the Gospels. To students of Jewish history, however, the twin sisters will be remembered as the ones who brought to Elngland the first leaf of th« original Hebrew of the Book of Ecclesiasticus, which later led Dr. Schechter to undertake the journey to Cairo, where the famous Genlzah was discovered. Aobut twenty-five years ago the two sisters visited this citv and were the guests of Dr. TaJcott Williams, when several leading Je%-s of the community were given the opportunity to meet tirem and express their appreciation for the great discovery that they bad made. • fc Ji u i JKt Rii m - F* •- » T -I I f

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