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Canadian Jewish Review

Canadian Jewish Review
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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: TAN f 7 The Canadian English-Jewish Weekly VOL. XLVIII GARDENVALE, QUEBEC, JANUARY 14, 1966 American Jewish Committee Charges 50 N. Y. Banks Bar Jews From Top Jobs The American Jewish Committee has charged that fifty mutual savings banks in New York City had "systematically excluded" Jews from top-management and policy-making positions. Theodore Kllenoff, chairman of the Civil Rights Committee of the agency's New York chapter, says the New York Times, said the charge was based on a four-month survey of more than 400 executives and staff officers and 750 trustees of the banks. A report, released at a news conference at the agency's Institute of Human Relations, 165 East 66th Street, said that less than three per cent of those surveyed had been identified as Jewish, "although Jews make up one-quarter of New York's city population and are obviously prominent in the city's life." Austin S. Murphy, managing director of the Savings Banks Association of New York State, sharply repudiated the charge, asserting that there was no basis "for an accusation that savings banks have policies of discrimination on the basis of racial or religious background." Savings banks, he said, "have Jewish trustees and employes at all levels, including officers. We, of course, do not know how many Jewish employes the banks have," he added, "nor how many of any other particular background, be-• cause banks, in accordance with law, do not hire or;keep records 'based on race, creed, color, or national origin.' " Dr. Murphy said that the New York State savings banks hire and promote "the most competent people that can, be obtained without regard to religious affiliation." The American JeSvish Committee, in breaking down the three per cent figure in its report, said that less than 2.5 per cent of the more ON FEBRUARY 28, BOAC MOVES FIVE YEARS AHEAD (Why not come along with us?) February 28, BOAC s new Super VC10 starts transatlantic flights from Montreal to London. It's totally differ--cnt from any big jet now flying. The engines are in the tail. This way the \vings are left clean. You take off quicker, land slower. The cabin is astonishingly quiet. You can talk without raising your voice. We say the Super VC10 is triumphantly swift, silent, serene. But don't take our \\ord for it. Take the Super VCIO to Britain. February 28, the first one leases from Montreal for London. Thereafter, several services weekly. Daily from April 25. See your Travel Agent. s^jft, siknt, seporfmerTf without Interruption. ASK FOR FRff CATALOG OUR PROMISE: NOWHERE ELSE CAN YOU GET THE BEST FOR LESS. $Ten-Million Einstein Medical College Is Open In Bronx No. 16 The $10-million Albert Einstein College of Medicine, air-conditioned throughout jts twelve stories, has opened in the Bronx. The hospital's first patient was thirteen-year-old Barbara Patterson, of Framingham, Mass., who was admitted to the diagnostic center for examination and . possible treatment, writes'John C. • Devlin, in the New York Times. She received a bouquet of flowers and greetings from Mrs. John V. Lindsay, wife of the city's new Mayor. Mrs. Lindsay, making her first appearance as the city's First Lady, wore a bright red topcoat ovdr a semi-fitted, pale blue sheath dress. She appeared poised but said: "You know I have felt slightly nervous about this,. Does one congratulate somebody upon being a patient in a hospital — even one as beautiful as this one? All I can say is that this pretty little girl looks much too healthy to be a patient in a hospital. And she is also as bright as a button." Then the Mayor's, wife gave the bouquet to the girl and wished her, "the very best of luck." The hospital, which was begun three years ago, will not be ready for full occupancy for about two months. It is a brick-finished, structure that stands on a knoll adjacent to the Albert Einstein College. The hospital's formal title is the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Ultimately it will have three hundred and seventy-five beds. It has two entrances, one on Eastchester Road and the-other on Tenbroeck Avenue. A parking lot for 300 vehicles is being developed. Three floors are devoted to diagnostic work. The self-contained Diagnostic Center has fifty-three examination and consultation rooms. It contains sections for ophthalmology, neurology, cardiology, dental surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology. There is also a pedi-atric diagnostic area. In addition to its own laboratory, the center will provide, the specialized services of a radiol- (Continued on Page Tivclvc) Rabbi Defends Humaneness Of Jewish Ritual Slaughter Rabbi Israel Miller, president of the Rabbinical Council of America, took sharp issue with Friends of Animals, Inc., supporters of the Hausbeck Slaughter bill now before the New York State Legislature. Last December 27, the organization ran an advertisement in The New York Times urging .support for the bill, which .attempts to eliminate the shackling and hoisting of animals in kosher slaughter. Preaching at the Kingsbridge .Jewish Center, 124 Eames Place, the Bronx, Rabbi Miller charged that the ad was "inflammatory" and implied that "i'li>'-U''d on I'ogc Three) Need a Piano or Organ? See ^ ^ HFINIVAIAN Rockland Shopping Cfntrf — 719-}617 frf«bJi**«4 «y»r 700 ywn

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