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Title: 1954-06-18-04

Full text: Page Four JEWISH WESTERN BULLETIN Fridqy, Jcine 18, 1954 B.B. LION'S GATE LODGE SATURDAY, JUNE 19fh, 9 p.m. TALMUD TORAH HALL SUMMER TICKETS $2.50 Per Couple DANCE Dancing to Ben Stone'^s Orchestra Women's Club JVews LADIES' AUXILIARIES MIZRACm WOMEN will hold their annual Garden Party at the home of Mrs. M. Barrett, 556 •West 24th Avenue on Tuesday, July 13 from 2 to 6 p.m. * * * PERETZ SCHOOL. P-TA wiU wind up the season on Tuesday evening June 22 with a get-together for members at Purdy's Restaurant. . . . The Annual Spring Dance, held last week proved to be as enjoyable as ever to the large crowd present. * * * BETH HAMTOROSH LADIES AUXHJARY will hold a Tea at the horhe of Mrs. H. L. Freed-man, 4334 Yukon Street on Tuesday June 29, from 2 to 6 p.m. . Everyone in the community is cordially invited. FIRST GRADUATINGCLASS FROM TALMUD TORAH DAY SCHOOL PIONEER WOMEN HANITA CLUB held its closing meeting on June 8 at the home of Mrs. Freda Dirnfield when the following officers for the coming term were installed: Honorary President, Mrs. Freda Dirnfield; President, Ida Weiner; Vice-President, Molly York; Secretary, Elsie Herman; Treasurer, Sally Buium; Catering conunittee convener, Rita Hammer; committee, Celia Shachter and Ida Kurtz; Phoning chairman, Mrs. J. Chess; Cultural chairman, Mrs. J. Chess; Sunshine chairman, Ida Fishman; Membership chairman, Celia Shachter; Publicity, Bertha Swartz. * * * SiENIOR CLUB PIONEER WOMEN held a very interesting meeting recently at the home of Mrs. M. Omansky. Mrs. Vilensky, delegate from Israel to the Pioneer Women, was present and gave an inspiring talk to the members and appealed to everyone to volunteer for offices and carry on wonderful work in the future. Everyone responded enthusiastically and promised all the support possible to our sister organization in Israel, Moetzot Hapoalot. The. following were elected for the 1954-55 executive: President, ]\Irs. M. Omansky; 1st Vice-President, Mrs. S. Che-chick; 2nd Vice-President, Mrs. I. Gcrback; 3rd Vice-president, Mrs. R. Goldman; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. E. Steiner; Publicity, Mrs. I. Rome; Sick Committee, Mrs. Z. Nacht; Sunshine Cott^mittee, Mrs. A. Singer; Social Committee, Mrs. A. Pullan, Mrs. S. Chechick; Phoning Committee, Mrs. M. Checov, Mrs. J. Katchen-ovsky; Representatives to the Council, Mrs. R. Horowitz, Mrs. Z. Nacht, Mrs. M. Omansky; Moetzot Hapoalot, Mrs. A. Buch-man; Representatives to the Jewish Community Council, Mrs. S. Karmel, Mrs. C. H. Kosasky. . . . ..Photo By D'Arcy' The first students to complete six years of general schooling combined with Hebrew-Jewish education ore graduating honf the Vonepuver^liafmud Torah Day School this month. The students ore seen here with some of thejr teachers. Left to right, seated, are: Reeso Gelmon, Michael Levy, .Sharon Flax, Gerald Lipsky, Elaine Wall, Gory Averbach. Standing, left>o right ore: Mr. C. Reznik, Hebrew teacher; Sydney Erliehlnan, CednBogner, Mrs. J. Trunkfield, head English., teacher; Adolcolm Weinstein, Kenny Glosner, Mr. H. Sherman, acting principal. To boost the Pioneer Women's funds, so urgeintly heeded, Mrs. R. Dashevsky of 131 W. -ISth Avenue very kindly offered her home to this club for a tea to be held on Wednesday, June 30 at 2:00 p.m. * * * « PIONEER WOMEN ^ STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL The Annual Strawberry Festival Social sponsored by theSenior Club Pioneer Women, will take place on Sunday, June 20th at the Community Centre at 8:00 p.m. The community is asked to plan to attend and spend an enjoyable evening. Kinneret Club held its closing meeting of the season at which the following were elected as officers for 1954-55. President, Cissie Eppel; Vice-president, Marianne Moscovitch; Treasurer, Sarah Rubin; Secretary, Sylvia Hill; Cultural chairman, Irene Mattuck; Phoning, Betty Goulden; Membership, Eliza.Shawn; Bazaar, Sylvia Hill; Rep. to Pioneer' Women's Council, Cissie Eppel, Sarah Rubin; Reps to Canadian Jewish Congress, Eliza Shawn, Betty' Goulden; Representative to Community Council, Eliza Shawn, Betty Goulden. -W O.R K I N C - W I r H (.A N A D i AN 5 IN B'NAI B'RITH WOMEN VANCOUVER CHAPTER No. 77 will hold its next regular meeting at the Community Centre on Tuesday evening, June 22 at 8:15 p.m. sharp. Since this is the last meeting of the season a very enjoyable and interesting time has been planned. ... A social evening will be held at the Community Centre on Sunday evening Jiine 27. . . . Members and friends are cordially invited. is in charge of arrangements. Reports of Past presidents will be given. * * * LILLIAN FREIMAN Chapter's Annual Garden Party held at the home of Mrs. Max Fox was an outstanding event, with an excellent attendance. The beautiful handkerchief made and donated by Mrs. Jerry Smith was won by Mrs. Rubin. ... It is hoped that all members will be present at the Canada Hall Luncheon at the Beth Israel on Wednesday, June 23. We all. want to be part of this important project. ' * * * ROYAL CITY CHAPTER held their closing luncheon at the home of Mrs. Lou Lesk, 1525 Dublin St. Several guests from Vancouver and out of town attended. Mrs. M. Wine acted as Installing Officer and also explained the purpose of Canada Hall. List of Installed Officers are as follows: Pres., Mrs. Louis Zack; Vice-Pres., Mrs. J. Margulius; Sect'y, Mrs. G. Biely; Treas., Mrs. L. Lesk; Phoning, Mrs. Mae Sherman and Mrs. D. ObtoVer; Edu-cationalj Mrs. J. Margulius; J.N.F. Chairman, Mrs. Myer Dexall; Bazaar Chairman, Mrs. H. Skully; Social Chairman, Mrs. M. Evers aiid Mrs. E. Bellas; Publicity, Mrs. S. Zack; Youth Aliyah Chairman, Mrs. L. Zack; Membership Chairman, Mrs. S. Civ-kin. . . . Mrs. Mai Panar, who is leaving for Israel' with her husband and family, was presented with luggage from the chapter. Presentation was made by Mrs. S. Panar, her mother-in-law, who also presented as a personal gift, trees for the family, to be planted in the Louis Feinstein Memorial Forest, along with her blessings, . . . Retiring President, Mrs. C. Bernstone, gave closing , speech. Presentation of an engraved spoon was made by Mrs. M. Panar. There was also a display of bazaar aprons and doll clothes. * * * BEN ZVI CHA.PTER held its closing meeting of the season at the heme of Mrs. Helen Levison, on Wednesday evening, June 9. The high light of the evening was the installation of officers for 1954-55. Mrs. Blossom Wine, president of the Hadassah Council installed the new slate as follows: President, Lillian Rotstein; Vice-Pres., Vera Shulman; Treasr urer, Pearl Trute; Secretary, Mary Felst^in; Youth Aliyah, Fanny Wasel; Tele<»hone, Polly Serebrin.;. Social, Aniie Bowman; Education, Goldie Rubin; Bazaar, Helen Levisoni Lillian ROtstein, (Continued on Page 5) Next time you take the family out for a special treat, try MING'S restaurant in the heart of Vancouver's colorful Chinatown. You will be delighted with the wonderful food, attentive service and beautiful surroundings. If you're in doubt Vabout what dishes to order -for a well-balanced nieal, your waiter will be pleased to assist . . . and to tailor the cost according to your wishes, it's MING'S — up the red-cqr-peted stairway, ot 147 East ^Pender. HADASSAH HADASSAH COUNCIL will give a No-Host Dinner at the home of Mrs. M. S. Smith, 1250 West\45th Avenue, in honor of Mrs. D. P. -Gotlief. Mrs. B. Panar PHYSrCIAN'S OFFICE ASSISTANTS Enroll Now For Special Summer Classes (doy or night) COURSE CONSISTS OF: 1. Medical Office Routine. 2. Laboratory Procedures. LJL. 3. Receptionist Duties. 4. Nomes ond Care of Instruments. Vor Complete Information Phone or Write CARLYLE SCHOOLS LTD. 110 Birk's BIdg. Phone MA. 9825 FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE Mrs. Betty Martin Registrar.

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