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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: DECEMBER 25, 1W2 THE CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW 8 SAMOVAR russian a*t !0sYAlJ*amt novum wtptaii cu caiamt tUM N#w JUw« 6ub and wkfctfng wo»w q» lum 1.50 ^?rti^ by afronowmnt MM MSL it. j The HARTT & ADAIR COAL COMPANY —"-—LIMITED dominion square building ha. 5151 In Quebec City . . .We Recommend ST. ROCH HOTEL wit IS x tAMIRAi THEATRE VICTORIA THEATRE cat Always o Good Programme of Choice Photoplays Harold Vance, Mgr. Dusty Eom Bttnty Salon * a* §141 > xjty pablo* fa SU1 mauy nOA0 3131 i onirea t Mrs. J. Boretsky. and her sons, nler and Lawrence, T76 Wise-ma Avenue, are leaving to spend weeks at Ste. Agathe. Pte. WBttam Goodman, RjCA. LG, Jeanne Mnace Street, is in e—York. H. Kafc, 910ft Esplanade Mrs. H. Gold entertained at a linen shower at the Gold Room at Eaton's, in honor of Msm Ruth Simpson, a bride-elect of December act*. — Avenue, entertained at a dinner and prtsmfstlri In honor of Miss to family, MiBer Avenue, are is« the holidays at Lac Brule. Mai H. L. Sourkes, de r*Epee Avenue, la spending three weeks at Trout Lake. Mrs. R. Goldstein, St. Urbaln Street, and Mrs. J. Schwartz, Park Avenue, spent a few days with the former's mother, Mrs. D. Ginsberg, in Ottawa. Mrs. S. J. Usher and sons, Robert and David, Wilson Avenue, are vkettug her rather, M. Eehenberg. ta Sherbrooke. Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Danziger, Oote St. Luc Road, are spending the holidays at Lac Brule. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shain and Robert Jack, of Beaton, Mass., Mr. and Mrs. M. Fenster, ?venue, for a few days, for the Fenster4lip- ml ' David Rutenberg and Mbit of Toronto, are of Mr. and Mrs. D. Avenue. Eliosoff, Canterbury returned from Brant- gave a dinner for the family in honor of their son, Norton, who was two years old. About twelve guests were present Mrs. William Postilnik, grandmother of the child, assisted in serving. Misses Roalyn Lerher and Celia Rosenbloom were hostesses at a tea in honour of Miss Dolly Leibo-vitch, a bride-elect of January 10th, at the 400 Club, where a presentation was made. Present were Misses Grace Witkin, Pearl Goasack, Doris Lefstein, Rina Ber-al, Raisie Koiker, Bella Glazcr, and Mesdarnes W~ Rabinovitch and H. Bercovitch. Mr. and Mrs. R. Teblum, Hutchison Street, were at home for luncheon to cclebiatc the bar-mitzvah of their son, Norman, forty guests being present They also entertained at a dinner party. and twenty guests Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Lefcourt of Scaradale, N.Y„ are. visiting the latter** parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Leon, 5145 Oote St Luc Road. Mr. and Mrs. Norman N. Genser end daughter, Betty Jane, Pulton NOTICE In order to insure delivery during the mid-year season when the mails are overloaded, this paper will go to press a day early next week. Therefore, material for publication in the Review must be in the Montreal and Toronto offices not later than MONDAY, at 5 p.m. for publication in the issue of January 1st ton Avenue, have returned from a two weeks visit to Winnipeg, where they visited the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Genser. Miss Felice Vlneberg, Prud-homme Avenue, is spending a few days at Morin Heights, Quebec. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Franklin and family. Grove Hill Place, are spending the holidays In Ivry Nord. Mrs. Ralph J. Bertan, of Coatl-cook, has returned home after having visited her mother. Mrs. H. Sperber, Cote St. Luc Road. Miss Sheila Godfrey, of Toronto, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. S. Gershon Levi, Grey Avenue. . Joseph Kits, Chief E.R~A, Rjon. VJt, is visiting his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Silver, Queen Mary Road. Mr. and Mrs. T. Vlneberg, Snow-don Avenue, are spending the holidays at Four Seasons Lodge, St. Agathe. Mr. and Mrs. William Richter, Cote St Luc Road, are spending" a few days at Lac Brule. Mrs. S. Vlneberg, Girouard Avenue, is in New York, visiting her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Snyder. Miss Lottie Rabinovitch, of New-York, spent a few days visiting her mother, Mrs. S. Rabinovitch. Grey Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Fekhnan, Veh-dome Avenue, are spending Ihe holidays at Lac Brule. Mrs. D. J. Elkln, Cote St. l11-2 Road, has left for Winnipeg, to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Werier. Mrs, Philip Lafcourt, of Bronx, N.Y., is spending the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. M Leon, 5145 Cote St Luc Saasl CASUALTY LIST Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Jacob Balttle, 12 Park Place, Montreal, were informed by the R.C.AF. headquarters overseas that their son. Sgt Horace David Battle, R78439; was killed on active service overseas. Sgt. Bart tie did not return from a flight in a Wellington bomber over enemy territory. He was Mated missing m a R.C.A.F. casualty list In October; now be is reported killed in action. Sgt. Bait-tie was 30 years old and a graduate of the Westhiil High School. He enlisted in (May, 1941, and received bJe observer's wing in February 1942 at Mountain View, Ont. Afterwards he was assigned to special training in astro-naviga-ticn at Penfteki Ridge, NJBH and was posted overseas in March. He was * graduate of the religious eohool of Shear Heshomaylm Congregation and had been head of the junior congregat.on and assistant cubmaster. He was active in the yjmjHJl and iwas captain of their basketball team which reach-the Dominion semi-finals m 1941. He took part in amateur theatricals and debating and was an active member of the AZA. and of Young Judaea. He had been Junior counsellor at the Algonquin Camp in New York and a champion tennis player, s w Jm me r and all-round athelete there. In high school he was captain of the basketball team and he had won the CHy of Montreal High Schools championship in the low hurdle. His father, who is engaged in the manufacture of work clothing in the city, is a member of Bnel Brith. the Montefiore Club, and the YMMJl The War Efforts Committee of the Canadian Jewish Congress states that a number of Jewish men with the Canadian forces at Dieppe who had been listed missing are now reported kilted in that action, according to advices received by the next-of-kin based on Berlin information relayed • through the International Red Cross. Among those who are now lsted dead are Pte. Lionel Cohen, Sgt. Morris Greenberg, end Pte. Morris Lozdon, of the Royal Regiment of Canada; Pte. Samuel Ber-ger, of the Essex Sootrkn Regiment; Pte. Paul Leon Magner, of Royal Hamilton light Infantry, and Pte. Louis GoJdin, of the Foetner* Mont BoyeX 5141 st. lawrinci slvd. doilajtd if ii specialists in lusiniss trainjnfl foft over 40 years DAY AND NIGHT SCHOOL • A^e*vMNa«-Att4ifii»ft • Toudi Typov/ritiao o Socrttoriol TraMrinf PREPARE FOR POST-WAR _ _j _ ^ b . ¦ a w EMPLOYMENT ENROLL NOW COEDUCATIONAL Sfsms^sjrsjpliy Coss^ltmmtwr Doflraa Cournt return to Montreal that the soldier's last words at Dieppe were: "Look up my mother when you come to Montreal, father." "He was a good soktier." added Father Sabourin. 'He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goidin. of 533* Weverley Street, and was serving as truck driver with tne Fuafliew Mont Royal. He wast twenty-three years old, a graduate of tne Jewish People's School, and was a member of the Y.M.H.A. His father, Joseph Goidin, is employed in war work overseas. A brother, Rudolph Goidin, is a draftsman with the R.Cjn.v.R. Royal Canadian Air Force Headquarters lists Sergeant MaxweH Ben. Hertz (Oaoweky), R87671. of Vancouver, as missing after air operations overseas. Sergeant Hertz is the only son of Mr. and and Mrs. Harry Qsowsky, of Vancouver. He was a graduate of the Vancouver Technical H!gh School, a crack and versatile athelete, and devoted to amateur Yiddish theatricals. His brother-in-law, Leading Aircraftsman >David Braverraen, of Vancouver, and hbr cousins, Lieut. Samuel Ben." Aaron and Major Ben. Aaron, of Winnipeg, are in the armed services. Palestine Makes Beer For Troops A string orchestra by drivers, of ^Hamaavir," Municipal Bus Company of Tel Aviv, comprised of 35 drivers, recently gave two concerts in Jewish colonies. Standing room only signs were displayed. Owing to tne rising demand for beer on both the nuUtary and the civilian market*, the Palestine Brewery, Ltd., at has nnlarjml tts plant and toi ' QUEBEC CITY Born, to Flt/Lt. and Mrs. C. Shapiro, of Yarmouth, NJS., a daughter, Saundra. Bnal Brith Lodge 1270 met In the Community Centre, H. Yaffe presiding. Rabbi B. Mednick spoke. Mrs. M. Sternlieb, Calixa La-vallee, entertained at tea. Mrs. B. BUshenbaum, Calixa La vallee, entertained at tea. Lillian Freiman Chapter of Ha-daasah has as officers: Mrs. M Pollack, president; others, Met-dames Charles Marks, O. Miller, B. Rubin, I. Shimmelman. Ladles' Aid, at the home of Mrs. J. T. Blgman, Fraser Street, elect-ed: president, Mrs. M Forster; others: Mesdarnes A. Shapiro, N. Pedvis, A. Simak, E. Glllman. Mrs. Bigman thanked the retiring president, Mrs. M. Gardner. Present were: Mesdamea M Gardner, H. Pedvis, J.- Schwartzman, S. Shaffer, S. Dorfman, L Hendler, E. Glllman, A. Simak, Charles Marks, M. Pollack, L Shimmelman, M Shimmelman, H. Lax, A. Shapiro, J. Forster, O. Miller, R. Robinson, of Boston, Mass., P. Joseph, of Amos, and L. Sahnonovitz. Mrs. P. Joseph, accompanied by her children, Judy and Michael, at visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lax, St Qyrille Street. Mrs. M. Robinson, with her on&-dren, Lynn and Peter, of Boston, Mass., is visiting her parents* Mr. and Mrs. H. Lax, St. Louis Road. Miss Jacqueline Lax, who attends Queen's University, is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. Lax, St Louis Road. Jack Deitcher, who is a student at Sir George Williams College, ja visiting his parents, Mr. and Mis. L Deitcher, St Foye Road. , who is attending is visiting his ssother, Mrs. D. ton.' •' Mrs. M. Leon, 5145 Cote St Luc Road, is entertaining on Saturday afternoon at a cocktail party, in honour of her out-of-town guests. Eric Joseph Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. David R. Miller, Girouard Avenue, entertained the following at a private screening and supper in honour of his bar-mitzvah: Tony Amor, Ralph Marsh, Norman ROsenstone, Stanley Gold, Robert Stampleman, Cyril Lewis, Harry Notkin, Gordon Flschel, and Peter Lefcort. Ntw»lv)gjst H#Mred Dr. Bernard Sachs, past president of the New York Academy of Medicine, and one of the world's leaden in neurology, was honored at a special ceremony at the Mount Sinai Hospital In New York m tribute, to his "sixty years of participation in the progress of medicine." Two hundred neurologists and psychiatrists attended the ceremony, at which Dr. Foster Kennedy, chief of the Neurological Service at Bellevue Hospital, presided. The feature of the occasion was the presentation to Dr. Sachs of a special 700-page volume of original papers on progiess in neurology contributed by eighty-three noted physicians in the United States and abroad. One contribution came from a surgeon hi the British Navy aboard a battleship somewhere at sea, while another was smuggled from occupied Den- Dr. Sachs, who will be eighty-five years okt on Jan. 2, gave his ccolleagues his formula for staying young. "The Joy of work," he said, "is the joy of life. Dont let the biblical three-score and-ten affect you. To add to the years stop counting medical men, he t unity than now for contributing to the advancement of and neurology. Jusuor Hadassah raised SOL00O this year for the support of education, sodal service and settlement projects for youth in Pal- of war. 12 of from Toronto, % 2 from Montreal and from Hamilton. MelvHle, Assiniboia,. Sask, Regina, and Memphis, Tennessee. Two Canadian Jews were honored for their part in this battle. Sgt. David Lloyd Hart, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, of Montreal, received the Military Medal at Buckingham Palace in the presence of hie two brothers who are also serving overseas, for his courage and efficiency in maintaining radio operations on the headquarters staff barge while it was under heavy enemy fire. Captain Ben. Bracnman, of the Royal Canadnn Army Medical Corps, of Regina, who was wounded at Dieppe, was mentioned in dispatches. Pte. Lionel Cohen, B67270, whose wife lives at 41 Lipptncott Street Toronto,. wee attached to battalion headquarters of the Frist Battalion of the Royal Reganent. Sgt. Morris Greenberg. BSBBTH, of the same regiment lived wttn his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Greenberg. SO Oxford Street Toronto. Newspapers reports immediately after the Dieppe raid stated tnat be had won the praise of his officers and fellow r"'*" after he helped many wounded men back to safety under intense enemy Ore. His younger brother, Sgt. Irving Greenberg, is serving with &e 48th Kfsnanders of Canada overseas, and was a member of an anti-aircraft gun crew which recently brought down a Nazi bomber over Britain. Both brothers are natives of Toronto. Sgt Morris Greenberg left his position ia a shirt sectary to enlist en she second day of the war. He has been overseas since Dunkirk. Pte. Samuel Berger, A22530. was serving with the Essex Scottish Regiment at Dieppe. His father. Osias Berger, lives at 733 Niagara sareex, wnvaaor. Pte. Morris Loadon. B68130. of Toronto, had taken part ia several commanio raids on enemy soil be-for he was listed m aatng at Dieppe. His wife hves at 61 Huron Street Toronto. Pte. Paul Leon Magner. B37330. went to Hamilton to enlist during the first days of the war when he found that Toronto units were overcrowded with volunteers. His parents. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Magner. live at *X3 Dundee Street West Toronto. His father is a barber. Pie. Lou a Cokfen, DA382. was serving a tste French regiment Fusiliers Mont Royal whose chaplain is Major Sabourin. This soldier-priest praised the Jewish private and told his mother upon hi .%b)4BssV •ssjF.isss>aig|Bs#':tb> JlaiUisi rose 4o the first six months of 1S42, promising a total of 14000,000 Mtres for the year. Deliveries of beer to military camps have priority. To cope with the higher demand, a second brewery will be opened by the company at Bat Yam. south of Jaffa, at the end of the year. AH private motor vehicles with the exception of those essential for the war .effort have been ordered removed from the highways of Palestine- Municipal buses and tax's are exempted. Seven thousand pbJals of anti-typhus vaccine produced in Palestine have been sent through the Red Cross to refugees in South Russia. In addition, other medicaments are bemg shipped at regular intervals from Palestme Jewry to Soviet Russia- Tne Hebrew University at Jerusalem opened its 18th academic year (he first week of November, a month later than usual after students were enabled to complete four full months of work on the farms to help increase Palestine's food supply. Deferred status has been given to students in the scientific departments to prepare them for specific war work or for war industries. Several members of the facufry and over 500 students are serving in the armed forces. Tne first non-stop express train Palestine and recently inaugurated, marking an Important new transport link between the two coon-, tries. A lie blew text book on Jerusalem comprising 300 pages, with a comprehensive recital of the history of the city, its antiquities, properties, streets and institutions, has been published by Dr. Zeev VUmaL Tve Holy city now has a population of 140100 of which 86.- . 000 are Jewa, be reports. In the days of Nebesaiah the population of Jernaasem wen 15-000; » 1481 there were 10409 lems and 290 Jews; were 1.500 Jews, all Sephardl A grsdnal aicreasw set in later on; 1000 m 1779; 3.000 w 1838; 5,700 ia 3088; 28J00 in 1900; 40400 in 1905- and 45000 ia 1013. the before the uutbriafc of War After War I had deu eased to 31400 uiilug to the expaknons by the military authoritiea. wrm their parents, Mr. and A. Simak, Bcjugalnville Avenue. Miss Anne Schwartzman, who is a student at Sir George Williams College, Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Schwartzman, Murray Avenue. Pte. Sidney Pedvis. R.CJLMCX, MeGlU University, ia visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Pedvis, Brown Avenue. Charles Blgman, who attends the University of Toronto, is visttthg his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Big-man, Buade Street The shortage of doctors in Hungary is forcing the authorities to allow some Jewish resume practicing. of with ing information'' ia with North African are reported from all iaated countries. charged alarnt- dom-

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