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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: ••>^WM IB !^^ •-! -Y-rf/£:"': .T ~3 v^; >^^^.^:.^ - :3f •:••.'T •'*•-&~s-;r-^'^ '*' " ^ - .' . .:" '•:••'':• :•- : : • " i the lyfutgpgue, ** well a* a number of vMtrpcntt. All the vestments C Imfi cleaned and renovated. Standard feu* fattdto*, 15 KING 8T. WEST MAIN 7*74 MEMBERS OF Chicago Board of Trade Winnipeg Grain Exchaitf^ N«w York Product Exchange New York Curb Market Standard Stock and Mining Exchange, Toronto. Account* ioliclMd fen N«w York Stock*, Cotton, Grain, Prorkkm* and Mining to an Excbanftw. Mrs. Joseph WiWer, Aquilla Apartments, entertained the Sunday School Committee of the Sisterhood and the teaching staff at her home on Tueiday tfVenin^. Plans for the coming year were di&cusscd. PRACTICAL EDUCATION Direct Private . - . • by the Rev. H. J. Samuel, of Shaar»:y Zedek Congregation, followed by short addresses by Mr. S. L. Goldstine and Mr. E. IX Mitchell. , The congregation is. to be complimented upon the splendid building, and very extensive interior decorations.' There is to be established in connection with the synagogue, a Talmud Torah and Sunday School, both of which will be commenced immediately after the holidays. SHAAREY ZEDEK SISTERHOOD The opening meeting of the season was held at the Royal Alexandra Hotel on Wednessday, September .5. There was a very large turnout of . members, a sign of the growing influence of the Sisterhoo.d> Mrs. Max Heppner, president, occupied the chair. Reports of work done during the summer months were presented, and the programme of activities of the various committees for the coming year were outlined. Mrs. Arakie Cohen gave an interesting and inspiring address on social ideals. Musical numbers were contributed by Miss Eva Israel (vocal), and Miss Esther Gofine (piano). ^Habbi Samuel also addressed the gathering. At,the~cfose of the meeting *ea was served, and- there was. much enthusiasm over the delightful nature of the meeting. . The Sisterhood has supplied a new carpet for the platform, and steps The modern business school meets a great neecl in preparing students for practical life in this business age. The special advantages of these institutes are not, and cannot ber supplied by any other schools. The Winnipeg Business College under the direction of Principal Houston has, during its forty-one years of operations, given an excellent service and enjoyed the confidence of many thousands of those seeking the very best in a business training. This school is highly recommended. MUNICH AND LE1PSIC CENTERS OF ANTI-SEMITIC "INTERNATIONALE" Movement Intensified Since Ford's European Visit TWO Years Ago Prague (J.T.A.).—The anti-Semitic "Internationale" has its headquarters in Munich and Leipsic. From these two point*, the propaganda of hate is broadcast to Austria, Czechoslovakia and even in countries where anti-Semitism k&& been hitherto unknown,, such as the Scandinavian lands and Italy. This fact the J.T.A. is able to state after an exhaustive investigation of the sources of the anti-Jewish propaganda. The fact seems clear, too, that the agitation attained its present intensive form following the visit of Henry Ford some two years ago to Carlsbad where he met the German deputy, Jung, and a group of unscrupulous Czecho-Slovakian politicians. The jNT.A.'s information fs to the effect that the central office of the Jew-baiters is working. hand in hand with the Catholic church in Central Europe. The Jesuit order is apparently actively linked with the movement. The movement is alao honeycombed with "monarchists," It may be said that all monarchists-nurse as an aim second only to their desire to put themselves again in power, the determination to harass Jewry. ESTHONIA DODGES GUARANTEE MINORITY RIGHTS OF WILSON'S Carbonated Beverages At Your Next SOCIAL FUNCTION Cecfl Insists Government Pledge Itself in : Writing Gerteva fJ,T.A,).-^-The failure of Eathpnia to live up to its. guarantees of the rights of the minorities, and its refusal to sign a declaration pledging itself in this respect was taken up by the Council of the League of Nations. The delegate from Eathonia, pleading before the Council insisted that such a guarantee from Esthonia was. inadvisable and suggested that the Council be satisfied .with a verbal undertaking instead. Lord Robert 'Cecil taking issue with the Eathonian delegate insisted that verbal promises would not suffice, and that the pledge must be written and regularly signed, It was impo^sible to compromise ,on this question. Lord Cecil pointed out. In order to. avoid such precedents,. Esthbnia must sign as Latvia di(L_he declared.. _„_____^ :__ A sttb-comniittee consiiting of delegates from. Britain, Franced and Sweden were appointed to grant a hearing to the Esthonia delegates, and endeavour to find, a solution.. HITLER WINS IN LIBEL SUIT ilunica {J.T.A.v.—Adolph Hit'er, leader of the Bavarian Fascii^ti, was awarded yesterday 6,000,000 marks, damages in his libel suit against the editor of the "Vorwaerts," the. ScolaU^t •. daily 'ot Berlin. . - . The' libel proceedinga 'against the Socialist editor w«rt instituted by tie reactionary ;eatier of Bavaria following the pabUcadon by tne A'orwaerts of a report that the.Hitler organi^a-tkm wa* receiving financial aid from "American Jews and Henry Ford." "OZE" AND J. W.-R. C. TO WORK TOGETHER . Berlia J.T.A. .—The convention of I'M :'O. the Jewish association dealing wita ;he ?r :b; 01 hygiene of. Jew^ clo-i^i •y^terfiy •^i' dect-ipn to ax'perate with' "he Jewish ^V. Relief Conf-ertnce. Th* 'i>ze" u-'i-rt xk reSeve chc J. W. R. C. 01 all saniracivn ^;r! the zose ia which •> opera:**- its scope to inclu«i«? edticatioca: wjrk ^j.^ feated- A propositicn to a *vrk! Jewi-h ->rsaniza*ii:-j: - t'^ Russia wa Proiea-or Albert. Einstein ?. A PITTS, ze. i •" J r:«* of Berlin. Ptitfestw Dr. "» Reliet ;< with tixr "On ivtioo work i-a the wir-wre*:keTJ .- the of Bamctt f UL *dminfc*tr.Atwi» «^kz*c a budget ot A rrsohuion adopted asking tbt tp Dealer JEWISH CALENDAR 5484-1923 New Year's Eve Monday, September I* Yom;Klppur Thursday, September 20 Suceoth (First Day/ Tuesday, September 25 Succoth (La»t Dayj—Shmini Atzereth Tuesday, October 2 Simchath Torah \ Wednesday, October 3 Rosh-Chodesh Cheshvan ,.-..-,.......... Thursday, October 11 Rosh-Chodesh Kislev Friday, November 9 Chanukah (Feast of Dedication Monday, December 3 Rosh-Chodesh Tebeth Sunday, December 9 FastofTebeth Tuesday, December .18 .. : - , ' . . '5684-1924: . . ='.•- , •' . ':' ' Rosh-Chodesh Shebat Rosh-Chodesh Adar I.; Rosh-Chodesh Adar II Purim (Feast of Esther; Rosh-Chodesh Nisan......... .",'..;.. Passover (Pesach; .......• Passover (Seventh Day; Rosh-Chodesh lyar ..• Lag b'Omer: Rosh-Chodesh Sivan ".......... Shabuoth (Confirmation 'Day).-Rosh-Chodesh Tammuz Rosh-Chodesh Ab Fast of Ab , :......:.:,....,:.:."............----- '..:.. Rosh-Cbodesh EIul ;....' Sunday, August 31 5685-1924 New Year.....;........_;. .....:•....-'.:....:.....,:....-.'.: Monday, September 29 .....Monday, January 7 Wednesday, February 6 ....... .....Friday,. March 7 Thursday, March 20 Saturday, April 5 Saturday, April 19 Friday, April 25 ..Monday, May 5 Thursday, May 22 .Tuesday, June 3 ....... Saturday, June 8 Thursday, July 3 Friday, August 1 Sunday, August 10 Laundry Service Everything Washed, all Bed, table linen and flat work ironed and ready for use, all wearing apparel dried.and starched where necessary, the flannels, stockings, etc., fluffed up soft and dry; this leaves only a little touching up of the wearing apparel to do at home—^and all this at a price of only . . 12c per Pound with special quotations on extra-large bundles. Thia is our "FLAT-IRONED-FAMILY SERVICE" which ia prov-ing so pppularr-you'll be enthusiastic, too, when you've tried it. Send us your bundle and let as do all ti* steaming over the hot wash tub for the summer months, t "For Your Health's Sake" Phone us Adelaide 0954 and Adelaide 0966 SWISS LAUNDRY 105 Simcoe Street DEER PARK GARAGE & LIVERY, LIMITED PHONE NORTU 1300 DAY AND NIGHT SBBV1CE S-CYUNDER CADILLAC LIMOUSINES WHI SONS, LTD Mast Cleaoere Dyers FOR QUICK SERVICE CALL ADELAIM fill

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