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Title: 1963-02-22-02

Full text: Page 2 JEWISH WESTERN BULLETIN Friday, February 22, 196f Council in crisis The "physicians" who recently examined that amorphous organism called the Jewish Community Council of Vancouver found that while there were signs of serious distress, the organism on the whole was far from being a corpse. As a matter of fact, so certain were they that the crisis would pass, that they quickly offered the opinion that it would mend and become well again within a very short space of time. And txiey supported their prognosis by their deeds; for instead of arranging for a funeral they immediately began making plans for a good deal of strenuous activity following the expected recovery. It all began a little while back w-hen the ailing "patient" decided to go in for a checkup. The examining 'doctors" — mainly the presidents of nearly all of the Jewish organizations in the city — held two important consultations. Some of the things they found were not only ihighly interesting but quite revealing even to some of the "specialits." First off they considered the history of the "patient" and took into consideration such former healthy activity as maintaining an orderly home, keeping, statistics and recording data about the community that are so essential to fund raising and so forth. Other routine work consisted of caring for needy men, women and children who turned to it for assistance and operating the community's only regular medium of communication. But there were times, too, when things were not normal and excitement of the patient was caused to soar to fever pitch. The wartime years were such periods of intense activity as was the time when Jewish refugees from Hungary had to be received in the "patient's" o^;vn home for lack of adequate housing elsewhere. The history also revealed that for many years the "patient" had been deeply concerned about the construction of a new community home and had expended a tremendous amount of energy in that endeavour. " As the presidents sat down to discuss the itiatter, they realized at once that perhaps the most serious (and obvious) aspect of the "case" was the fact that the experts themselves had not been on hand to provide positive preventive treatment earlier. Because of this, it was felt, the "patient" had not been able to maintain full physical health and had also undergone a measure of Tnental aggravation (such as a feeling of insecurity as a result of the awareness that the organization did not have the respect and prestige which it deserved). Now in order to solve these problems, it was decided to re-structure the Council. Its membership would be composed largely of the presidents and line officers of the various constituent organizations. The Council would thus become a sort of "Council of Presidents", its members being empowered with full authority to act on behalf of their respective groups. This, in itself, it was felt would strengthen immeasurably the organization's prestige. Once it is "well" again, the reconstituted Council will have a number of important functions awaiting its attention. Most important of these is to bring closer together the various organizations and institutions in our community which in the process of competing with each other in programming and services have also created ideological and social barriers that are anything but conducive to good health. The lessening of wasted effort and duplication Protect- Your Valuables CALL II HAL" ZLOTNIK OAKfilDGE INSURANCE Agencies Ltd. 5504 CAMBIE ST. FA \\%^\ N.CJ.W. hat styles and . . . timely topic this Wed. Arnold Edinborough, associate professor of English at University of British Columbia, will be guest speaker at the Section meeting, N.C.J.W. scheduled for Wednesday, February 27, 12:15 p.m. at the Georgia hotel. A former editor of the Cana- dian magazine, Saturday Niglit, (in the realms of fund-raising and program-j Mr. Edinborough's appointment ming) which presently exists in the community to the University has been made and promoting better understanding amongst I possible by a gra^t from Mr. Donald Cromie, publisher of the Vrncouver Sun. His controver- our organizations are areas in which the Council ought to be effective. (There might even ^. , ^ . .„ , •lxr.^v.^^ in be some merit to the suggestion that the Coun- : ^ ^ cil also serve as a sort of miniature United!^ ' ^ i „ Nations providing a forum for groups and ^^^^tt^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Edmbor- mdividuals to make known their opinions and , j^^^^ broadcaster and writer complaints on matters relating to the entire ] public affairs and literature, community). j the fact that though he has There are other very serious problems i been in Vancouver a very short as well, however, such as the urgent need for \ time, his speaking engagement expanding the present facilities of the Jewish calendar has been filled and Family Service Agency, and such other im- Council considers it a real portant issues as Kashruth, care of the aged, ^^'°°P ^^^^"i^^' - . - - ' s to bring him before the and juvenile delinquency, To alleviate the suffering of our fellow Jewish citizens is our total responsibility. It is essential also that we face realistically such problems as delinquent youth and the necessity for providing our senior citizens with more meaningful, healthier care. These arid likewise the growing need for improved, enlarged facilities to provide our children with a good Jewish education are areas in which the total community rightfully has a stake. These are, problems which need the attention of a strong \ and healthy Jewish Community Council right | now. As for the future, it would be most naive to expect that the days ahead will not bring crisis situations that will require a wise and well prepared communal leadership. The annual Council meeting next Thursday evening, it becomes apparent, does not require a turnout of large numbers of average members. It does need every possible "above-average" member it can get. Vancouver public. Mr. Edinborough's particular spheres of interest encompass Elizabethan Drama and International Affairs. His provoca- by Mr. Ian. These will be ARNOLD EDINBOROUGH by the Section President, Mrs. H. Shatsky, will also feature a harbinger of spring—a fashion show of spring hats designed tive articles on Canadian, and local scenes have already appeared on the editorial pages of the Sun. The meeting, presided over modelled by Council members: Dawn Abramsbn, Dianne Chess, Vala Liverant and Roz Myers. Commentary will be given by. Jerry Claman. Dt,A.G. Black headlines B,l. Brotherhood dinner Dr. A. G. Black, Canadian i of the former League of Na-Citizenship and Immigration \ tjons society, now the United i-egional officer, -will address | ^^^^^^^ Association. He is also the Beth Israel annual Brother-, , . , „ ., ^ ^ „ hood Dinner to be held this i P^^t president of the B.C. Par-Wednesday, February 27 in the' tent-Teachers federation, past REVIEW ami GROUP ispommuY GOOD THEATRE synrgogue auditorium. president of the B.C. Psycho- Dr. A. G. Black, who is re- ^^S^^^'^ association and is on the gional liaison officer of Cana- , board of directors of the Youth dian citizenship branch of Im- Counselling _ association, Civic migration "department, was born Unity association. Alcoholism in London, England and edu-' Alcohol cated in British Columbia. He ^^^^^^'^^"^ council and Vancou-attended U.B.C., University of,''^^ Council of Churches. Washington, Stanford univer-! His published works include, sity, and obtained his Ph. D. ! "A Guide to Pteading for Cana-from the University of Chicago \ dian Homes'' and "The Church in 1936. I and Social Problems." From 1929-1940 he was as-! ^he dinner this Wednesday sociate professor at U.B.C. and ' evening will begin at 7 p.m. during World War II was a staff i preceded by cocktails at 6:30 officer in trade training and jobiP""'- Members have been ask-testing at Headquarters Paci- bring as many as pos- fic command. In 194.5 Dr. Black -^t)le of their non-Jewish and was veterans' counsellor and in- Jewish friends to the event. Ac-structor in psychology at U.B.C. '^ordingly, dinner tickets are and was appointed to the staff S2.50 for members. S2.50 for of the Citizenship branch in ' ^J"»Gir guest and only SI.00 for 1950. His was the first appoint- <^'sch additional guest, nient to this position in Can- : Reservations are available at ! ada and he pioneered in this peth Israel synagogue and by! ■ phoning synagogue office, RE 1-: Dr. Black is a past president 4161. i Theatrical productions must be judged on two levels — the quick and the dead. Far iron-dead was the presentation of two original one-act plays presented by the newly formed Jewish Community Dram r-Group on Feb. 16 and 19 at the Centre auditorium. '•The Prisoners" and "Come Loud" by Milt Freiman, are I neither great nor good theatre. ' However, when skillfully dir-I ected by Sam Payne (the gentle I genius), every emotional nuance I was projected to the ultimate i degree of which the two casts were capable. These comprised i amateurs with the exception of Joan Blair and Mack Stark. In \ both cases proving that there is no substitute for experience. Mack Stark saved "The Prisoners" from banality with a masterful portrayal as the senile, unwanted old father. In "Come Loud"'. Joan Blair's superb performance as the pos-See THEATRE (Continued on Page 7) ALWAYS CHIC . . . ALWAYS UNIQUE ... are the hats designed by Mr. >Ian which will be shown at the N.C.J.W. Section Luncheon meeting on Wednesday, February 27, 12:15 p.m. at the Georgia hotel. Council models are: left to right — Mesdames: Diane Ch^ss, Jerry Claman, Roz Myers, Valla Liverant and Dawn Abramson. Commentary is by Jerry Claman. The Jewish Western Bulletin official Organ of the Vancouver Jewish Community Council Friday, February 22, 1S63 Published weekfy every Friday at 950 West 41st Ave., Vancouver British Columbia. WILLIAM GELMON President Publications Chairman DR. J. ZACK SAM KAPLAN Publisher and Editor 13, LEADING JEWISH WEEKLY IN WESTERN CANADA BULLETIN OFFICE: - 261-6304 Deadlines: Local News: Monday at 4:30 p.m. Advertising. Tuesday at 12:00 noon. Subscriptions: $5:00 per year; $5.50 per year in U.S. and other countries. Business hours: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. except Saturdays, Jewish and Legal Holidays. Authorized as Second Class Mail by the Post. Office Department, Ottawa and for payment of postage in cash. In the event of a typographical error advertising goods at less than tha proper price, the Jewish Western Bulletin will furnish letters to the advertiser stating the correct price, but goods may not be sold at the price printed, and the difference charged to the newspaper.

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