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Title: 1993-04-29-15

Full text: - •SS'.-.li-' jingles Moei; Getting ^to know others through ifree JWB Ads. 35 words W:max, ar)^2inseirtfons per - ^iii §tia! Write or come in to Wsee only Louise at JWB m$(879-6575). T.T. How many youth does it take to run a Seder at Talmud Toriah? ^ A whole school full, as all ^classes participated in three intergeherational model l^edersin bbserVance of Passover.- Grade 7 students led the 'Seders while sixth graders learned the traditional methods of making matzah by hand, observing the i rules and restrictions necessary. The matzah was used during the school Seders. Grade 5 children learned the symbolism of c/?flros^/, discussed and provided traditional recipes for the school. Grade4 students hid 10 pieces oi chomeiZy while Grade 3 youngsters conducted the search. Grade I and 2 students p rovided decorations for the three rooms where the Seders ran simultaneously. The decorations included pictures depicting the Exodus and Seder plates. School staff and volunteer parents aided in the event. . (■■■■■^■■■■■■■ii.' CLASSIFIEDS HOUSE SEAMSTRESS/ KNITTERS WANTED Full part-time Work! Up to $400 weekly! Send self-addressed stamped envelope: HQL Enter-prises' Box 2011, Square One, jyiississauga, Ont. L5B 3C6. PERSONAL COUNSELLING O no needs COUR A G E to express Regret. When you would like to recover imrer JOY you should call. Golan Ma Ik in for Personal Counselling. 734-2230. CAR FOR SALE 72 Volkswagen Superbeetle, New transmission, battery, recently serviced and inspected. $500.00 or best offer. Call Yaakov at 875-1314. Thursday, April 29,1993 — THE BULLETIN — 15 iM- PERSONAL '.^^ttractive Sr. widow wishes to ^ meet companion: Financially 'independent, affectionate, in good health. My interests are walking, dancirig, reading, travelling and cooking. Wish to meet ' non-smoking gentleman 70 plus. Reply to Box S-247, Jewish Western Bulletin, 3268 Heather St. Vane. B.C. V5Z3K5. PERSONAL 30-year-pld transplanted SJF from New York, living in Seattle, considering soulmate in Vancouver, who is a SJM, aged 28-35, not religioiis. I'm well-travelled sensitive and eclectic. Let's meet half-way! Photo a must, non-smoker only Reply to BbxS-248, Jewish Western Bulletin, 3268 Heather St. VancV B.C. V5Z3K5. PERSONAL Attractive actdr/ director/ social worker seeks N/S woman who is on her own journey. You are aware of Jewish traditions yet tolerant of one who is discovering his. A taill, loyal, loving rtian, 42 awaits. Reply to Box S-249 Jewish Western Bulletin, 3268 Heather St. Vane. B.C. V52 3K5. Politician and diplomat Stephen Lewis will receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Simon Fraser tJniversity-on June 4. ^ Ganada*s former ambassador to the United Nations (1984-88), Lewis will also address graduates from the business administration and education faculties that same afternoon. Lewis* career has taken him on many diverse paths. After teaching English in Africa, he returned to Canada and joined the: New Democratic Party in 1961. He went oh to become an LEWIS Ontario MLA in 1963 before assuming leadership of the NDP in 1970. - He resigned as party leader in 1977 to become a newspaper columnist, broadcaster, lecturer and labor arbitrator. During 'his UN posting, the Jewish diplomat served as special advisor to the secretary-general on African economic recovery; ; t Lewis is oneof seven individuals who will receive honorary degrees Which are bestowed by SFU for "leadership in their various fields of endeavor." 4 • \ NEW YORK — Fifty years after arriving safely on American shores, Harry Fischbach of Toronto is searching for two dozen European Jews with whom he crossed the Atlantic to escape the shadow of Adolf Hitler's war machine. In addition to conducting his own search, Fischbach has enlisted the assistance of the Location Service at the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS). In April 1943, Fischbach then 11 — and about 24 child other Jewish children from Western Europe boarded the steamship Serpa Pinto in Lisbon en route to the United States. Most had parents living in Spain who planned to meet their children in America as soon as they secured transportation and permission to arrive there. The group travelled under the aegis of European Jewish Children's Aid, established to help European pr^ahize Seders Janet Braverman ERIC PELLOW demonstrates the finer points of matzah making to Richa Dwor and Gabriella Welsbom. ren escape from the Nazis. They set sail with the assistance of H IAS which, in cooperation with the Jewish Colonization Association and American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, arranged transportation for thousands of European Jewish refugees throughout the war years. On May 1, 1943, Fischbach and his companions arrived in Philadelphia. The group was received by BIAS representatives and taken to a reception centre in Plea-santville, N.J. Fischbach moved in with a foster family in Chicago. Two years after his arrival in America, he was reunited with his father and the two immigrated to Canada. He hasn't theard from his childhood traveT companions ■ since. ' -|- • Fisc|ibach, a filmmaker currently writing a novel in which he describes his traumatic immigration experience, hopes to organize a reunion. Anyone with informa:tion should write to him at 462 Brunswick Ave, Toronto, Ont. M5R 2Z5 or call (416) 924rl213. NEW YORK (JTA) The second-highest ranking leader in the Russian Orthodox Church has been demoted and "sent into exile" to Smolensk after endorsing Pratocols of the Elders of Zion, according to the World Jewish Congress. Metropolitari Johann of St. Petersburg sujggested that the /Va/occ)^, a hotor-ious 19th-century. anti-Semitic tract, were authentic in an article in the anti-Semitic Russian newspaper Sovietskaya R6$siya: : iiau pi>..viuuaijr published a story in the same paper which sought to "expose" a Jewish conspiracy linked to both the kil- ling of Jesu^ and the Communist takeover of Russia. He is being replaced in St. Petersburg by Metropolitan Kyrill, who was described by : thechief rabbi of Moscpwas "a friend of the Jews," the wjc said. "'r:--:'^ A week before his demotion, participants in the first internal i onalcon s ul ta ti on between Jews and representatives of Eastern Orthodox Christianity expressed concern about Johann. The WJC was represented at the Athens conference held under the auspices of the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Orthodox Churches. • Reliable •Efficient • •Affordable Business Auxiliary Services KORRES MOVING & TRANSFER LTD. Suite 40 2182 W 12th Ave Vancoijvisr B.C. Special Ti'ucks for clean-ups Transfer •Cranes Storage • Mini-Packing Cartons 734-5535 Evenings & Holidays 732-98$ SImkins honored WINNIPEG --^ The Winnipeg Jewish conrimunity will honor the Simkin family at the city's 1993 Jewish National Fund Negev Din^ ner. The six honorees are a mirror image of the pioneering life of the Jewish community in the early 20th century, the JNF said. X □ 30% Tax credit □ Investment elijgible for RRSP's. Qiyiinimunti projected return 1.9,33.% [□Long term income. □ $ioO0 per unit - minimum 25 units Major Bank Financing - on approved credit For information contact: KEHLE MOUNTAIN GINSENG (VCC|Corp. 731-1440 X CO This adycrii.'^mcni (l(i«s not cun.Vtilule an offer lo sirliniira solitilation lo buy a ,secuiityA*hich can cmly be made by/)fferm NIEDSA HAND.VV Jonathan Pollard urgently needs YOUR help to meet the costs for his defense. Please send your check to: FOR J©IWATliAI^^^^ c/o The Bulletin, 3268 Heather Street, Vancouver, B.C. VSZ 3K5 JWBSxm When those out-of-school-and-nothing-to-do-blues hit your kids this summer, how Jabout shippiiig them off to Hawaii, Israel orouter space for a day? The Richmond branch of the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver will make it possible with "Summer Theme Days" this July and August. Theprogram, set for three '(4 as roof falls NEW YORK (JTA) — They're calling it the Miracle on Mcdonald Avenue. An Agudath Israel, of America-owned building in Brooklyn buckled from what they're calling the Blizzard of the Century. The roof and side walls of the building collapsed. The nriiracle is that the roof gave way on the one day when no one was in the building — Shabbat. '.■ ; The 424 Mcdonald; Ave. building housed Agudath Israel's COPE Institute, which offers job training, counseling and placenrient for the economically dis-ad vantaged. The project will have to be moved. Says Rabbi Yerachmiel Barash, the institute's director. days a week, is aimed at children entering kiiider-garten to Grade 4. Some of the events featured include Aloha Hawaii", "Maeca-biah," "The Stars, Mobn and Outer Space" and "Ghallah, Candlesticks and Wine." Kids may join for one day, one week or the whole.session, according to program coordinator Deborah Freed-man. The camp will operate from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Registration deadline is May 15, she emphasized. Freedman noted thatmpre than 1,100 Jewish children under the age of 15 live in the communities of Richmond, Delta, Surrey and White Rock. V:/-' "This program is aimted at getting sortie of these kids involved in Jewish programs during their summer break. And it is a first fojr us because the program will ■ take place entirely at 'the Richmojid branch and make use of the Minoru Aquatic Centre, the dyke and all the great parks that Richmond has to offer," Freedman said. : :.r' For more information, call the coordinator at 279-9190or Debra Lazer at 266- * 9111. ):''K-"-r- tell-A • • • If your frierid is not a /VVB subscriber, tell him/her what he/she is missing! DUNBAR POINT GREY & REFRIGERimON SERVICE • Professional In Home Repairs • Government Certified Technicians ALL MAKES ALL MODELS $0-$250d DOWN PAYMCNT Buys you a residential investment . property that is: • Below market value ' ' • In a High growth area .. ' • Has break even or positive cash flows NO GIMMICKS PERO PLAVSIC Internationalinvestmeht Properties 682-2255, cell 250-4758 YOUR CAR IN ISRAEL RENT-A-CAR UlDl-niDWH 54 PER WEEK UNLIMITED MILEAGE •EXC.C.D.W. OFFICT ^CENTRE OFFICE COMPLEX • Luxury Packaged offices f rom $800/mo. ^ • Full secretarial and vyord processing services available For additional infdrmation call 069-8727 Suite 404,999 Canada Place Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3E2 TYPE OF CAR MANUAL CARS A RATUNO STING B PEUGEOTM5AC C PEUGEOT3091.4 C' APPLAUSE1.6 C' PEUGEOT 4051.6 M MINIBUS FORD LS ■ 24/7/93 154 -196 .245. 266 301.-;497 238 : 28o: 32f 350 385;: 630: NO MXTHACHAROg PKOTBCtlON INS. EXTRA SERVICE: CELLULAR PHONE RENTAL (NO CHARGE FOR tSROUP XL) USA A CANADA itiSiRVATION i PKB>AYMmr.t B00'938'500d IN NY: 212-629-6090 L- ISRAEL'S No. f -

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