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Title: 1972-08-25-14

Full text: Eases j'.—■iiij.;,,';.-mg'wT;ir»aimta M. 14--THE BULLETIN-^Fridoy, August 25, 1972 Offer fWo masters drarees ^'•*^m adjoining los Angeies • " school of the Hebrew Union College LOS ANGELES -^Arrangements have been' announced by the two for a coordinated program leading schools. to both a master of social work An exchange of credits makes degree from the University of it possible for students to attain Southern California and a master the two degrees concurrently of arts in Jewish communal studies within a 24-month period of study. 1 1 1 'i' 1 ' • ■ e> g m i ■ . .ff... ■ 1 BO WELL Motor Co. Ltd. "siftce 1919" (15 BtfRRARD Phone 182-3333 BEFORE YOU PURCHASE OR LEASE Contoief M« For o Good Dool on a rnmc Buia or CADIUAC Phone 682-3333 UBROCQUE II ■•l,r,- ■9' 'I" 1 '*J ■,r1 VANCOUVER - LONDON ^ lEL AVIV INDIVIDUAL RQUND^TRIPS Froiii MIDDUft^f^ i 5^ CAMBIE STREET DIRECTLY ACRO^ FROM OAKRIDGE SHOPPING CENTRE PHONE ;NCS7 vrtli open divisloii this year. Reviewing tiie miilti-focet yoofh program for 1972-73 are, left to rights princlpar and youth director Joel> Cutler, Saul Kahn, Rabbi jMbrvin Hier, Michael Potter, TamiiiyClainaii^ Marci Levine, Mark Beizberg, Lisa Belz-bergv Rhonda Barad.. ^mpletely new lk^ planned for THE EXOTIC ORIENT WITH BLOSSOM WINE TOKYO • HAKONE . KYOTO - HOMG KONG - BANGKOK - SINGAPORE - BALI VIA CP AIR Fully escorted deluxe tour 17 doys $1259.0a 24 doys $1539.00 DEPARTING NOVEMBER 3, 1972 Porticipotion Limited Take the first step to register for this ENCHANTING HOLIDAY, coll JIM DAVIDSON or BLOSSOM WINE 732-8868 932 WEST KING EDWARD .T. educational/ youth programs BLOSSOM WINE ► t f 0 $ # 9 f $ 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 0 9 f THE MEN WORTH LOVING Few men, I believe, ore much worth loving, in which there is not something well worth loughing at.. MARiC LONDON Julius Charles Hore. Off. 736-0251, Res. 274-2762 • qualified mon with JONAH KARMEL, B.C. Provinciol Mgr. MUTUAL OF NEW YORK Rabbi Marvin Hier has announced that Congregation Schara Tzedeck will expand its educational and youth activities in an effort directed at reaching out and attracting the many unaffiliated youth in the community. The synagogue's present program includes a school of 100, and a youth program of more than 200, pre-teens and teenagers active in National Conference of Synagogue Youth activities. The program will be under direction of the synagogue's new principal and youth director,,Joel Cutler, who is a graduate of Yeshiva university Erna Michael college and the Cantorial Training Institute,~a graduate of Machon Gold Teachers' Seminary in Israel, and for the past four years principal and youth director of Congregation Ahavoth Israel in Liberty, N.Y. Mr. Cutler assisted in co-ordinating the Torah Leadership Seminar on the east coast for the past four years, and NCSY Sullivan Ulster county regional events. He received an award from the 1968 graduating class of Yeshiva university as "the most promising teacher of the future." ' Mr. Cutler stated: "We will seek to instill in every child a feeling of satisfaction and joy in the observance and practices he will experience at home, at school and in the synagogue. "We will build up in the young people worthwhile loyalties and positive attitudes especially with regard to the synagogue, Israel, the Hebrew language, and the Jewish people; ais well as conduce traits in coijisohance with Jewish traditional standards and ideals". In outlining the synagogue's plans for expanding NCSY, jumior NCSY and pre-NCSY, Mr. Cutler stated: "The youth program provides wholesome, recreational, educational, cultural and ■ religious activities,: promoting the. physical and mental being of our young people. The activities will be conducted by Jewish educational instructors in a setting which will associate our Jewish heritage with these happy events in the subconscious minds of our youth." NCSY will this year include programs for those six to 17 years of age.. The new principal stated that S.T. religious school will have a completely new look for this year, including a new name - School of Jewish Education. The school will be divided into two divisions: the primary division (last year's grade one class) and the secondary division (last year's grades two to seven) will now be named "Aleph" (one); "Beis"(two): LET'S MAKE POINT GREY POSITIVE HECr YOVII SOCfAi CREOfT CAMOfMrfS "Gimmel," (three); "Daled" (four)| "Bay" (five); "Vov", (six). A completely new curricului has been devised for the school Extra curriculum activities td be introduced this year incliidj Sunday young ajhjijt Minyan pro] gram, synagoguPleadership clubsj synagogue choir, music education program, Israeli folk dancing] dramatic workshops, educatioha] and cultural trips, holiday celf ebrations, etc. Registration wil|^ take place foj both for the primary and secondarj divisions of the school from FridaJ Sept. 1 through Wednesday, S^pt 6 from 10 a:m. to f2 noon %nj from 1-6 p.m. in the sch( library. In order to insure the children'] proper placements in their grac level, school officials have rc quested that registration or rej registration be done in persor with parents bringing their chil or children with theni. The first day of class for secondary division is Wednes< Sept. 6 , 4 p.m., in the schoc assembly room. All classes Wednesday and Thursday will dismissed at 6 p.m. The NCSY program will incluc activities such as a gym prograr football, intra-mural bowlir league, ping-pong league, chesj clubs, cooking and baking clul newspaper, softball, intra-murals Oneg Shabbat, synagogue leader ship clubs , Shabbatonim, yout Shabbatot, basketball and footbaj trips, holiday celebrations, si trips, music festivals andallNCS] regional activities. The opening NCSY prograr Sept. 2 at 8 p.m. in the synagogi will include a membership rail activity registration installation 1972-73 NCSY executive, a movi^ Melava Malke, traditional refresl ments, a kumzitz and the Slichi service. All young people in tJ community are being invited. PUiL, George I SWEENEY, Ed, Your help h needed. Come in and get involved. 2090 West 41 st Ayenue telephone 261 -5191 4521 West 10th Avenue telephone 228-9093 MEN WANTED CATTLE AND LIVESTOCK BUYERS We want men in this area. Train to buy cattle, sheep and hogs. We will train qualified men with some livestock experience. For local interview, ■write today with your background. Include your full address and phone number. CAniE BUYERS, INC. 4420 Madison Kansas Cily. Mo. 64111 Vraining CattU ami Jljivettock Sujftft

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