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Title: Canadian Jewish Review

Full text: JtiiHMfr Vl*29 CANADIAN JEWISH REVIEW HAMILTON ANSHE SHOLOM Friday night services at Anshe Sholom, sermon, "Good Will to All." Services, Saturday morning. After services Fri-day night the congregation went to the vestry rooms for the Deborah Ladies' Society social. Rabbi Iser Freund presented Mr. Raphael with a travelling bag. Mr. Raphael, one of the oldest members of Anshe Sholom, is leaving for Los Angeles, to spend the winter with his children. Tuesday night, December 23, teachers' meeting was held at the Rabbi's residence. Subject "The Peculiar Responsibility of the Anshe Sholom Teachers." In celebration of Chanukah, the teachers were served refreshments by the Rabbi. Sunday night, the Sigma Delta, a collegiate sorority, held their annual dance at the Anshe Sholom vestry rooms. The hall was decorated. Refreshments. Present were: Nita Lyons, Helen Frank, Ida Levy, Freda Levy, Eleanor Pearlstein, Adrea Goldberg, Ethel Sweet, Rose Loskin, Ida Nelicks and Lottie Finsod and Rose Levine, Toronto, and Cecil Morris, Manny Chertkoff, Leo Barnett, iack Taylor, Eddie Glass, Eddie Nelicks, Marshall Silverman, Dave Siegel, Seymour Morris, Leon Goldberg, Walter 1. ISBELL & CO. LIMITED Mining Sc(rarities MONTREAL TORONTO OTTAWA Super-Service work m t«ar»»to©d to pi—»c 4m ETcrylhiBf be wean it kap< k fcn*-d*» No Extra Chiasm. brary Soap htia% ved exchwrrerj ka fcre •f*»tt •hrmkafe, uk! that kk ukurti will retain #m color a&d appear-tm~t for which ha wlected 4>em. "Super-Finish" parbcmlxrty *>pW* to 4m UoSea, *md h^p* KUr* Mm to Mtka i food Phone Main 4821 I ajH. to f• p.m. Smt. / p. m. Hartley, Harry Beube. The dance was chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. Adaskin and Rabbi Freund. Chanukah entertainment of the Anshe Sholom religious school was held, Sunday December 28, at 3 p.m. The programme was: Prayer by Earl Lyons; recitation, Miriam Lyons; drill, kindergarten class, Irving Goldberg, Bertram Kaplansky, Norman Lyons, Shirley Lyons, Walter Lyons, Miriam Mack, Adele M in den, Miriam Pliscow, Malka Rose; playlet, cast: Helen Davis, Ruth Glass, Bernard Saipe, Selma Silverman, Malka Rose, Ruth Goldberg; tableau and dramatization, Reva Frank, Edwin Mack, Abraham Silverman, Harold Pliscow, Herbert Freshman, Nathan Fenwick, Harold Lyons, Samuel Walters, Sidney Rubens, Ruth Glass, Phyllis Cohen, Ruth Goldberg. Refreshments were served in the vestry rooms by the Deborah Society. MARRIAGES Leff—English The marriage ceremony was solemnized last Thursday evening, December 25, at the Beth Jacob Synagogue, of Anna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. English, to Israel Henry Leff, of London, Ont. Rev. Vladofsky officiated, assisted by Rev. Bloomfield. The bride, who was given away by her mother and father, and Mr. and Mrs. Cantor, of Windsor, wore a white georgette gown, beaded in clusters of pearls, with a band of white ermine at the bottom of the skirt, and her ornament was a string of pearls, the groom's gift. Her coronet was studded with pearls; her wedding veil was arranged with orange blossoms, and she carried a shower bouquet of white roses and maiden breath. She was attended by her sister-in-law, Mrs. John English, of London, matron-of-honour, who wore a beaded powder blue gown and carried a bouquet of Sweetheart roses, and Hilda Casselman, maid-of-honour, who wore a French white crepe romaine gown, embroidered in rhinestones black beads, and gold metallic, and carrieda showerbouquet of American Beauty roses. The bridesmaids were Miss Thelma English in maize georgette embroidered in gold and silver; Miss Lillian English in peach georgette trimmed with ostrich ; Mrs. Lena Resnick in pink georgette. All carried a bouquet of sweetheart roses. Sadie and Minnie English in rose crepe-de-chine trimmed with white fur were flower girls. Sammy English was ring-bearer. The groom was attended by Samuel Casselman, best man. The ushers were John English, Sam Sherman, Jack English and Joe Resnick. The mother of the bride wore henna over blue cut velvet, trimmed with silver and a corsage of Ophelia roses. Dinner was served at the Metropolitan rooms, on tables decorated with roses. Dancing followed in the ball room. Among the out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Cantor, and Miss Cantor, Windsor; Mr. and Mrs. Vivian, Mrs. Rogan, Mrs. Morrison, all of Detroit; Dr. H. Stevenson, M.P.P., Mrs. Leff, Rose, Viola and Mr. Leff, Mrs. Lewis, Ida and Lena Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. John English, Mrs. Packer, Nathan Goldberg, all of London, Ont. Mr. and Mrs. Leff are spending their honeymoon in Philadelphia, New York and Detroit, and will live at 23 Cynthia Street, London, Ont. organization, for some reason, did not see fit to indorse the activity of Mr. Goldberg, so that while the tobacco growers relied on these promises and exerted their utmost to have as large a crop as possible, they are left with their goods and are unable to dispose of them. Mr. Goldberg, who is now in Europe, accuses the Zionist Executive for its blocking private initiative in Palestine, while the Zionist Executive issued a statement in which it first denies that Mr. Goldberg ever acted in an authoritative manner and then that it was not the proper organ to conduct private enterprises. He is further charged with a serious breach of loyalty because of the propaganda he is conducting in Germany and elsewhere against the Zionist administration. It is suspected that the indorsement of the Zionist organization was withheld because Mr. Goldberg was acting in behalf of the Brandeis group. Meanwhile, the Jewish tobacco growers are exposed to the danger of losing a great deal of money in their undertaking. CRISIS IN PALESTINE TOBACCO INDUSTRY The boom in the tobacco industry in Palestine, which attracted many Jews from Poland to settle in Palestine and engage in the work of raising tobacco, is about to end in disaster, according to recent reports. It appears that while the product is very good, it is not possible to find a market large enough for the output. Mr. Abe Goldberg, a member of the executive committee of the Zionist organization of America, had made arrangements that the surplus output would be consumed by America and a company was established with this in view. The Zionist FACTORY FOR CONVALESCENT PERSONS DEDICATED A new factory building, the workers in which will be convalescent men and women, was opened last Sunday at West harms Road and Jennings Street, the Bronx, by the Committee for the Care of Jewish Tuberculars. The, committee, which seeks to rehabilitate the handicapped, is financed by the F'edera-tion for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies. Instead of a time clock to be punched there will be a nurse to prevent the workers from labouring unduly and thus endangering their convalescence. The health of the employees will determine the length of their working day. Those who are unable to maintain their families on their earnings will receive a supplementary income. Among the speakers at the dedication were Dr. Frank A. Monaghan, Commissioner of Health; Rev. Dr. Stephen S. Wise, former Supreme Court Justice; William N. Cohen, Mrs. Sidney C. Borg, Joseph Buttenweiser, president of the Federation; and Fred M. Stein, chairman of the committee. "While the visible output of our factory is a form of merchandise readily saleable," said Mr. Stein, "our most praiseworthy work is the transformation of invalids into healthy men and women who can compete in the open market on a quality basis as easily as the wearing apparel they produce. "Doctors and nurses take care of the physical end of the work, while the management of the commercial problem is actively directed by business men Night School SPECIAL RATE for MONDAY and THURSDAY REMINGTON BUSINESS COLLEGE Kenwood 9939 familiar with this kind of manufacture. Though the financial result was a small net loss last year, the net gain was the saving of hope of health and of lives. It should be called the 'factory that makes health and hope'." The new factory is open on all sides, the walls being practically of glass. Only part of the roof is enclosed, the remainder being available for open-air recreation and rest. There is also a kitchen, which can feed about 200 persons, as well as baths. The Committee for the Care of Jewish Tuberculars was organized in 1913. It was formed by a group representing the Free Synagogue, the United Hebrew Charities, and the Montefiore Hospital, when it was learned that about 50 per cent, of the cases of tuberculosis discharged from sanatoria relapsed. Studies of the discharged patients employed in the factory indicated a reduction of about 15 per cent, in the number of patients who relapse. DR. SIMON ROTHENBERG HEADS YOUNG JUDAEA CAMPAIGN ¦ ~ Dr. Simon Ro then berg, prominent New York neurologist and well-known communal worker, who for many years has been active in the leading Jewish endeavours of New York and who was acting treasurer and member of the Administrative Committee of the Keren Hayesod, will head the campaign for $50,000 for Young Judaea, which begins on November 7, in New York City, and throughout the country. The campaign which Young Judaea is about to commence is for the purpose of raising funds to carry on the Young Judaean Magazine. This national organization of Jewish youths now numbers fourteen thousand members between the ages of eight and eighteen and distributed in eight hundred and fifty clubs throughout twentv-eight States in the Union. Phone Lakeside 4304 W. R. EDWARDS Artistic Monuments 1283 Dundas Street West rWr Dorercourt Roatd TORONTO DEER PARK GARAGE & LIVERY, LIMITED PHONE BAND. 1300 DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE - 8-CYLINDER CADILLAC LIMOUSINES - L. WHITE & SONS, LTD Master Cleaners and Dyers FOR QUICK SIR VICE CALL ADELAIDE till

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